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Upgrade Your School Software for the Back-to-School Period

Upgrading your school software for the busy back-to-school period this fall doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Taking a free demo of Senso’s comprehensive software bundles is your first step to improving your school's tech and e-learning standards, improving admin efficiency, classroom management strategies, and most importantly, student safety.

Senso offers top-of-the-line teaching software, safeguarding education and tools, and innovative remote monitoring and management systems for K-12 schools across the country.

Why should you Update your School Software?

Technology and online threats are rapidly changing, if your software is more than a few years old you may be at risk of modern cyber security threats that could compromise critical personal data.

The new generation of cloud-based network management software is designed for the safety of staff and student data and to limit exposure to other online harms. Network systems with centralized on-premise data servers are especially at risk of data loss from infrastructural issues which can bring your whole school administration to a halt. For more information on the difference between cloud software and on-premise solutions you can read our new article here.

Integrating software into your system is a simple process due to Senso’s partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Dell Technologies, and other services. It is important to trial your software to see how your system and staff can benefit from and adapt to changes in the network management displays.

Senso is here every step of the way to help with the induction process. Senso Learn, our onboarding learning management system (LMS) keeps your staff informed on tech and security compliance essentials as well as key information for your school with our personalized course hosting system.

You can use the contact form at the top of this page to find advice on how to prepare for changing your software with secure back-ups, device compatibility, and answers any other questions. We are dedicated to giving you the facts you need to make a responsible choice for your school.

Comprehensive Software Packages for Schools

Cost-effective school software plans that are most effective for schools of any size should cover all necessary elements you need with consistent accessibility and easy-to-understand systems.

An ad-hoc combination of different software implemented over time in different parts of your network can be confusing and waste a lot of money on redundancies from overlapping, underused systems. Whereas one consolidated software package like Senso’s Enterprise Cloud bundle can provide up-to-date software with a single consolidated system which only requires learning one easy-to-use interface across different devices.

Our recommended software packages for schools include core modules from our other bundles:
Class Cloud - Classroom management and lab management software. Providing a basis for effective blended learning environments where teachers and paraeducators can manage and monitor student devices in real time.
Safeguard Cloud - Computer monitoring software for schools. Includes content filtering, keyword monitoring, web logs, and blocking systems all underpinned by our live alert and trend reporting software.
Network Cloud - Comprehensive network administration tool suite designed for efficiency. Streamline your device management response with screen viewing, remote login, and ticket sharing.
Asset Cloud - At a glance reporting software for monitoring hardware and software usage across your network for effective tech budget allocation.

Do you have Concerns about Budgeting for your School Software?

The best school software comes with options to fund your school’s blended learning technology upgrade. Giving your students and staff the best opportunity for an efficient, safe school environment shouldn’t be limited by budgeting concerns.

Building an effective blended learning environment is made simpler with Senso due to our partnerships with technology vendors and leasing programs. Upgrading your tech fleet and system doesn’t need to break the bank as we help you make responsible choices for long-lasting software and quality technology from trusted partners.

The modular nature of Senso’s software means you can pick and choose which bundles your school requires depending on size and existing software. On top of this, we offer full transparency on what your software investment gives you. Your free demo is an excellent opportunity to experience the benefits of Senso’s school software so you can make an informed decision.

Gear up for the New School Year with Senso.

Claim your Free Trial of School Software before the fall semester and learn how Senso can support you and your school to make the most of your school technology and network.