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What is Senso’s Cloud-Based School Software Solution?

Senso offers a range of cloud-based software packages for schools to allow for effective secure remote access solutions and remote assistance software in the classroom.

But what is cloud software? What is the difference between cloud and on premise solutions? And how do you decide between cloud or on premise for your network management needs?

Senso is here to help you understand your options for school software solutions and decide what is right for your institution.

What is Cloud Software?

To put it simply, a cloud solution is one that relies on internet-connected third-party (host) servers to store and run your school software.

Communication with the cloud data and your computer network is fully secure. Outbound signals run through a router hosted by the trusted network cloud, preventing any non-trusted sources from accessing your firewall software.

With the increased presence of remote learning and working, cloud solutions became recognized as essential tools to benefit any business. Keeping a secure remote log of data accessible to only trusted devices is a great solution for remote monitoring of networks and provides access to software for cloud-based web filtering.

Microsoft Azure as the industry leader in cloud technology, welcomed Senso Cloud to its marketplace in 2021, allowing for integration across cloud solutions you may already be using. This can be done easily with no bulky infrastructural changes, all online and secure, find out how to use this software integration with TechRepublic’s handy explainer here.

What is On Premise Software?

An on premise network solution is the system many institutions still use where data is kept onsite on internal servers rather than a third-party cloud server.

This is seen to improve control and security over sensitive data but can have long-term infrastructural issues, especially when dealing with large amounts of data in school settings. The complexity of this solution is centered around the up-front investment of servers for data servers and ground-up network management which may not be available to smaller or newer institutions.

Expert data from ForresterNow predicted the downfall of on-premises usage in 2021. This decline has been carried out across the country in the years since, so now may be the best time to consider a different solution- a cloud solution.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

There is a wide range of benefits both to your school’s safety and to ease of access and use, these include:
• Improved accessibility from anywhere, including remote access for home-working
• Higher levels of security without lengthy installation processes
• Reduced infrastructural complexity
• Less budget loss from unused servers- the streamlined capabilities of our software reduce wastage as you pay for only the servers you will use
• Secure encrypted connection to prevent data leaks and other privacy concerns
• Reduction in up-front costs
• Less fuss around updates to keep your security and technology up to date.

What Senso’s Cloud Software does Differently

Here at Senso we believe that your school software should be personal to your needs as an institution to best keep your students safe and help them learn, and provide useful tools and support to teachers and para educators. As a result, our software, built from the ground up with Microsoft Azure Cloud is fully scalable and tailored to your requirements with our modular design.

Providing a centralized, detailed solution for your staff to quickly and easily access reports acts to fully unify your IT ecosystem as a school community resource. Centralized dashboards for data analysis with clear drill-down access to specific locations allow for problems with technology or any educational or behavioral issues to be identified as they arise.

Efficiency in the detection and location of issues makes this stage of your staff’s roles as managers, technicians, or safeguarding and wellbeing officers more efficient. This prioritizes their more important task- to make sure no child is left behind without access to vital educational technology or without the care and attention that need they need.

We know that cloud-based software can seem like a riskier option, with your data not stored on your physical, on premise hard drives. Therefore, Senso Cloud works to answer any concerns and protect your data, using industry-leading security measures for your peace of mind.

Update your School’s Software Solutions with Senso Cloud!

Agility and flexibility are important in today’s ever-changing IT landscape, and cloud-based solutions provide that to you with no fuss!

If you think that our cloud-based solutions are right for you, book a demo with us today or call our reliable experts on 866-664-1520.