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Henrietta Independent School District in North Central Texas is shaping tomorrow’s leaders with innovative educational learning opportunities supported by advanced programs and technology driven resources.
Mr Derek Leach, Director of Technology has been with the district for 3 years and his role involves supporting the 3 schools in the district with all technology needs including the day-to-day management of 3,000 devices across the schools network, largely made up of Windows devices.
Supporting teachers of shools-with senso Microsoft teams

Supporting Teachers

Tools to manage a classroom environment from Senso.
One of the key challenges we were looking to overcome was to support our teachers with tools that would manage the classroom environment to support focused learning and online safety for our students. Previous software could just not scale to support the changing environment.

We started with a trial of Senso, and quickly realized the tool would resolve the shortcomings of our previous software and vastly expand management and filtering options.  Senso resolved the issue of not only being able to manage devices in our network but as well as HISD assets being used for remote learning from home.

Teams Chat Monitoring

Senso has created a culture of better behaviors online.
Being a strictly Microsoft School, there was a gap in the ability to monitor the Teams chat environment. Shortly after we implemented Senso across our environment they released a new product to fill this gap.

With the Teams chat monitoring feature, we have seen evidence of inappropriate chats being curtailed when students have highlighted to each other that the chat is monitored and that
has created a culture of better behaviors online.

Chat monitoring for schools
Microsoft teams deploying senso for teams to maintain

Senso Support

Questions or issues are quickly resolved.
Any questions or issues are usually able to quickly be resolved through the "Live Chat Senso Support", which makes it nice to not even have to pick up the phone and go through a typical arduous support queue.

Overall, I am extremely happy with Senso and recommend it to all my colleagues who support IT infrastructure for local schools.

-Derek Leach, IT Director, HISD

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