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How to Keep Students on Task with Classroom Management Software

Around the holidays it can be difficult to keep your students on task during lesson time. Kids with built-up energy waiting for their winter break may not engage as well in typical lesson formats, especially with easy access to distracting technology on both personal and school devices.

Senso’s Class Cloud classroom management tool is designed with teachers in mind to be able to both manage and monitor the technology use among students and also keep them engaged in new ways with amazing classroom management features to include in lessons.

Class Cloud Behavior Management Software Features

The web-based approach of our student behavior software allows for remote management and monitoring of student devices to enable teachers and paraprofessionals to take control of the classroom. Class Cloud provides tools to refocus behavior with an active approach to student monitoring and tech management during lessons.

Live thumbnail view on the Senso Class Cloud teacher dashboard screen is the center of how teachers can begin to manage and monitor students in classes of any size more effectively and efficiently. By viewing multiple device screens, classroom management is made easy. Focus on certain screens to know where to focus help or take control of the device or ensure all student devices are on and working on task as intended.

The block website access feature minimizes classroom distractions in the moment, keeping kids on track with learning. As technology steadily increases its integration into the classroom with the rise of hybrid learning, student devices may become distractions if not properly managed. While school-wide network content filters can be used to limit web access to certain approved sites, turning the internet off altogether on each device temporarily is important to prevent lesson time from being used improperly.

Remote control, close tab, and send message alert software modules are additional methods to prevent wasting of time in class. Prompting students to get back on task with different levels of severity can be personalized by each teacher to match their teaching style and the climate of the classroom. For more disruptive students, a stronger warning, closing tabs, or opening more relevant tabs on their Chrome browser is an immediate way to address negative behaviors.

Class Cloud Engaging Lesson Software Features

Using innovative tech tools, teachers and paraprofessionals in the classroom can upgrade their classroom management strategies to create an active and engaging classroom environment. Teaching software should be able to use the technology in the classroom to improve learning outcomes and students’ interest in lessons in various ways.

Send files to individual students or entire classes as a more efficient solution to paper hand-outs. Ensure students have access to the relevant content for the lesson directly in front of them without wasting time reduces disruption and keeps the lesson on topic.

Similarly, web launch and broadcast screen features allow teachers to gain greater control of how students experience lessons, directly interrupting off-topic use of technology. Launch relevant webpages or teachers' lesson presentations on student devices to provide immediate engaging learning content straight to students.

To truly benefit the learning process, student feedback is crucial. With the Q&A student check in software module from Senso Class Cloud, teachers can send out questions easily and receive immediate feedback from students. This can be used for pop quizzes to the whole class or selected groups, or for individual student check-ins to ask if they are understanding the lesson. Gaining this input from the class is important for lesson planning and adjusting lesson content and how key elements are taught to suit the students, ensuring none are left behind and can reach their full potential.

Class Instructor Bundle

If you are looking for a more affordable option without all the extras available with Class Cloud and other Senso software, Class Instructor provides you with the basics to manage student behavior in real-time.

At only $1 per device annually, this lean software bundle with our main classroom management features is recommended for K-12 education.

Helping Students and Teachers with State-of-the-Art Software

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