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How Senso's Software Integrations Can Benefit Your School

At Senso, we know that each school and business approaches its IT management network differently. Compatibility with a range of different operating systems, technologies and software applications means that our software can be easily integrated into your existing IT systems.

Find out in this blog how Senso’s software manages extensions and integrates seamlessly with other software to be the preferred solution for your network management needs. Get your Free Demo today to see how our software works with and alongside Microsoft Teams, ClassLink, and other software from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Benefits of a Cohesive, Unified Software Package

Senso’s value-for-money bundles of specialized modules make your software decision easy! Each of our Cloud software products offers a wide range of useful applications for classroom management, safeguarding, and content filtering.

Whether you are looking to fill a gap in your IT system with one bundle or want to explore all Senso has to offer with our best-selling Enterprise Cloud Bundle that includes all of our powerful features in one, you’ll find an effective software solution with Senso!

Each module is managed from a consolidated and easy-to-use admin dashboard. With a system like ours, all components that make up a functioning IT management can be found in one place rather than under multiple less secure logins. Through this dashboard, your staff can find data trend reports and safeguarding notices, and are able to control and manage network settings efficiently.

Our partnerships with a range of software providers and classroom tools also makes switching between systems easy. As Senso is a certified Microsoft Azure partner, all of our software is compatible with any of their wide range of other software. The Azure marketplace uses the same cloud platform across its range of software with streamlined deployment, installation, and management at scale.

Our multiple partnerships allow you to effectively integrate your tasks across different platforms that serve different purposes within the school. Even less tech-experienced teachers can move their files, class groups, and lesson plans easily between systems with our Google Classroom integrated management system, Class Cloud. Sharing and network management has never been easier than with our cohesive teaching and learning platform.

Device Integrations with Cloud Software

When choosing your school software, you need to consider which devices will be used in your shared network. Student device monitoring and management needs to be universal as a safeguarding measure, any mobile device, laptop, and Chromebook Cloud software needs to be managed and monitored in the same way.

Senso provides software suitable for your school, no matter what your technology fleet looks like. Managing student Chromebooks or classroom computers is made easy with full integration of our systems across different operating systems. Our cloud enterprise bundles effectively work alongside your Chrome management console and Windows device management software to create the preferred solution that suits any technology configuration.

Additionally, we have partnered with Dell Technologies and a range of other software providers and leasing companies, assuring you that Senso software works effectively across all of the most popular devices your school uses.

Our software is priced at a figure per device per year with differentiation for Microsoft and Chrome Software. This creates a flexible plan in the long-term as your IT estate upgrades and changes, you don’t have to rely on hardware solutions that require a lot of physical infrastructural change to modernize. Simply change out your current technology and readjust your yearly software budget.

How to Integrate Software Across Your Networks

The network management functions of our school software make it easy to monitor and manage devices remotely. The incident management reports, as part of the Senso service desk remote assistant tool, use a responsive ticketing system to prioritize and track IT problems and behavioral issues that arise in your school network. Gain instant access with live thumbnail views in each support ticket, saving time and energy to resolve the issue at hand.

You can even automate and schedule Batch, Powershell, or VBScript remotely on any number of machines with our Device Management Software, Network Cloud. This means any updates or relevant new software you need to install can be done directly through the internet regardless of device location.

Software Integration Capabilities Make Running your School’s IT Easier

We believe that keeping your school software updated with the latest in safeguarding and classroom management technology is vital to keeping your students safe and school up and running. Allowing for easy installs, updates, and integration with other services is part of our mission to provide a usable and wide-reaching service that any public, private, or independent school district can use to benefit learning.

To decide whether Senso software is right for you, you can Book a Demo for Free. Invest in your school’s technology today with a little help from Senso.