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Classroom management tools that refocus student behavior

It’s important to keep students engaged and focused on their learning, but it’s even easier for them to get distracted! The internet can be a wonderful educational tool, but it also makes it very easy for students to veer off tasks and lose their concentration.

Senso understands the value that the internet plays when it comes to online or computer-oriented learning and have designed a range of industry-leading software programs with in-built refocusing tools to help keep your students engaged and on task. Read on to find out some of the ways we can help refocus your student’s behavior online.

Controlling Your Class

An integral part of classroom management is controlling what your students view. Visiting irrelevant webpages or applications during lesson time is detrimental to learning, and this also presents the risk for students to try and access inappropriate material.
Whilst Senso’s continuously updated safeguarding solution that features web content and blocking capabilities, will ban access to material of a sensitive or harmful nature, the fact remains that off-task students are not conducive to a productive classroom. Therefore, Senso have implemented a variety of classroom management tools built into our safeguarding software that helps teachers take control of their class by taking control of the displays.

Broadcast Screen

With Senso’s control systems, you can share and take control of your class. In the click of a button, teachers and admin can go live from their screen or select another screen in the class. By re-routing every computer to the teacher’s screen, this ensures students stay on track and pay attention to the lesson at hand.

Lock Screen

Giving teachers the ability to apply to an individual or multiple screens, Senso’s Lock Screen function allows for computer screens to be locked by the admin or teacher when a student isn’t following the lesson’s direction. Senso technology has also implemented the choice to color code and tailor pop-up messages when a screen is locked in order to emphasize the warning being given.
Run Website/Application

Helping students stay focused and eliminating any room for distractions, you can use Senso’s classroom management tools to direct every student’s computer, or just selected machines, to the same webpage simultaneously.

Managing Student’s Access

With a focus on delivering convenient solutions that work in the client’s favor, Senso want to give the control back to you. This means eliminating third parties, long waiting periods while queries are resolved, and instead gives you local level classroom management tools. This means that our clients can control what their students can and cannot access, and can apply blocks or rerouting during lessons, in order to keep everyone focused and working on the same task.

Disable Internet

For scenarios where distractions are frequent, or computers are not being used appropriately, Senso provides the ability for admin or teachers to disable student’s internet access. Easily done in the click of a button, you can take back control of your class and teach on your terms.

Live Thumbnails

Keeping an eye on a classful of students is no easy task, but with Senso it’s just that bit simpler. Our live thumbnail feature gives you an access-all-areas view of each screen in your class in real time, making it easy to spot students off-task and redirect them appropriately.

Google Classroom Sync

As part of Senso’s commitment to making your classroom experience as flawless and synchronized as possible, you can monitor your Chromebooks in the classroom. Simply one click will give you a thumbnail view of your Google class so you can keep a watchful eye.

Communicating With Your Students

Whilst classroom management tools exist so that teachers can control their class effectively from one screen, there may be some occasions where communication may come in more helpful. Being able to talk to and listen to students, or take feedback on board, can make all the difference when it comes to students feeling heard and valued – this could even have a positive impact on classroom behavior. Senso has facilitated additional features that allow for conversation between students and teachers.

Quick Question

Perfect for gaining instant helpful feedback, you have the possibility to send out quick pop-up questions to all selected computers. With the option to customize questions to the topic at hand, you can receive instantaneous answers back to the same window, and reflect on and implement the feedback given by your students, or identify issues raised and work on overcoming them.

Live Chat

Senso’s Live Chat feature enables teachers and admin to start a live chat conversation with one or multiple users at once. This can be used to check on progress or supply additional guidance to students who might require extra support. It also provides a way for students to ask their teachers questions that they might be too embarrassed to verbalize, making learning more accessible and less intimidating.

How do I find out more?

If you want Senso to help you refocus your students’ attention in class, we have a wide variety of classroom management solutions that can help you achieve that. Why not fill out the contact form below to get a response within 24 hours from a member of the Senso team? Alternatively, you can contact us on the number below: