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Work Safely in the Cloud with Chrome Enterprise

Senso’s Chrome enterprise bundle offers remote monitoring, classroom, student safety plus content filtering and Google classroom sync. The complete package for a school to manage and monitor their school owned devices.

Chrome enterprise provides a full package for teachers to instruct their class of students while ensuring students safety measures are in place through a combination of content filtering, keyword detection with violation alerts for critical or serious incidents and using AI image analysis. Alerts can also be raised for inappropriate pictures captured from keyword violation logs. Teachers can decide what websites students can access during class by blocking, whitelisting or allow only features.

Google classroom monitoring

Google Clasroom

Student safety is key in all schools. As the driving force behind online student safety, Senso’s innovative software protects K-12 users using school-owned devices whether they are in school or learning from home. Senso proactively monitors and indicates to relevant staff, users who may be vulnerable or at risk, users who may pose a risk to others and inappropriate, off-task or harmful behaviour. Google classroom integration fits perfectly with our software, and it enables us to support your schools’ devices on and off campus.

Single sign on allows users to sign into a device with the same authentication mechanisms that you use within the rest of your organization. Once signed in, classroom groups made by teachers enable Senso to pull that information over, and it sits in the classes area so that teachers can see the students they need to see. List view showcases which chromebooks are on, the users name and site they’ve been assigned to.

Lock screen module for students or businesses

Live chat

Live chat – Teachers can chat back and forth with their students. Teachers can instigate chats to students, but this is teacher to student only. This feature is ideal during class to praise a student for their good work or equally asking them to stop what they are doing and get back on track with the task at hand. It allows for teachers to communicate with students without causing disruption to the rest of the class.

Lock screen

Lock screen allowing for classroom management. Lock screen enables teachers to regain attention from students should they need to talk or present to the class. Students can’t type or do anything on the chrome books during this time. Only once the teacher takes lock screen off will the students be able to continue using their devices.

Chrome Enterprise Overview Video

Our very own Senso Tech Jedi, Lisa Lee has put together a fantastic overview video on our YouTube channel explaining our Chromebook Enterprise bundle in a little more detail. Hit the link for more information; Chromebook Enterprise Bundle Overview - YouTube

Do you want more information on what Senso can do for you and your school? Get in touch, book a demo and see why so many schools have already purchased Senso software. We’d love to hear from you!