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Why you can trust Senso’s School Software

Senso is an internationally trusted provider of high-quality software packages for schools with a mission to help improve the quality of classroom management and network security. Integrated throughout schools across the country, our software modules provide a multitude of benefits to educators, administrators, and students who gain access to new capabilities and avenues for learning.

Why do so many schools trust and love our software? Here's a run-down on what we consider some of our most important values and elements to help you decide if Senso is right for you.

Our Mission for User-First Software Solutions

Senso.cloud, is dedicated to meeting the needs of educators worldwide and rests on a wealth of knowledge and understanding of where online management tools can help. Our focus is on identifying where technology can assist teaching and offer new kinds of opportunities for classroom management and learning, helping students and educators reach their full potential.

The modular design of our school software solutions are great for scaling and varied use for a variety of purposes both as a classroom management aid and for centralized administrators using Senso’s remote monitoring and management suite. No matter the size of your institution and what you want to get out of your school software, Senso is able to provide tailored solutions to help you along the way.

We also greatly value the work we do to promote student mental health and well-being through our internet content filtering and network management which includes Microsoft Teams chat monitoring. This prevents students from accessing inappropriate or harmful sites, and gives educators and para-educators the ability to monitor and address cyberbullying.

Our Values of Student Safety and Security

Keeping our customers’ data safe and secure is a top priority for us when designing our innovative remote monitoring and network management software modules. To ensure student data is protected to the highest degree Senso is vetted to fully comply with federal laws including CIPA, FERPA, and COPPA.


The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) regulates children’s access to obscene and harmful internet content. This law mandates restricting, blocking, and filtering inappropriate images and content to minors, as well as ensuring the safe use of electronic communication by preventing unauthorized disclosure of personal information and hacking or other unlawful online activity.

All K-12 schools and educational institutions must be CIPA Compliant to gain access to the E-rate funding program. Senso’s web content filtering offers schools the opportunity to meet these essential requirements with our innovative software for protecting student safety online. Our filtering systems are based on category libraries with an additional layer of assurance from AI scans of every website accessed to proactively address safety concerns.

You can find out more details about our CIPA content filtering here.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives parents more control over their children’s educational records by prohibiting the disclosure of identifiable information without parental consent and for parents to inspect data held about their children on request.

Senso’s remote monitoring and network cloud management software enables the full protection and control of student data from the single central record. This makes the security of important data an easier task for administrators without the expensive hardware required for other forms of data storage and access.


The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) regulates the collection and use of any online data from children under 13. As a company whose software interacts with the data of young people, we have taken measures to ensure we comply with COPPA regulations across our software packages and in any updates we provide over time.

Our Trusted Partnerships

As a well-trusted SaaS solution, Senso has many trusted and well-respected partners including Dell, ClassLink, and SHI International Corp that you may use already. Integrating our development alongside their technologies, operating systems, and management or vendor solutions, Senso is able to give you trust and confidence in our software.

TEQLease 0% Finance

We are proud to provide high-quality, useful school software for any institution that needs us. To fully enact this highly held value of ours, we work with the trusted finance house: TEQlease. Lowering acquisition finance costs is a great step to equal access to tech in the US education system.

Microsoft Azure

If you’re looking for full cloud platform integration, Senso’s availability through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace provides top-quality, easy-to-use cloud capabilities. Available alongside other market leaders in software provision on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace platform, Senso is designed to work with other trusted Azure partners for you to maximize your cloud software capabilities.

Our Track Record of Successful Software Integration

Senso has a long history of success with our school software solutions and integration into educational institutions. Our internationally acclaimed software has provided improved confidence and technological capabilities among administrators, teachers, para-educators, and students, improving the world of technological education and meeting the rise of hybrid learning to keep schools on track.

“I would recommend Senso.cloud to anyone thinking about a classroom or network management solution. Anytime I reach out with a question or issue, the Senso support team is always quick to respond and find a solution.” - Sabine ISD

Update your School’s Software Solutions with Senso.cloud!

If you think that our cloud-based solutions are right for you and your institution, book a demo with us today. To learn more about our services call our pre-sales team at 866-664-1520