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Why Faith Schools Choose Senso’s Student Safety Software

No matter the size, type, or location of your school, Senso’s school software is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line school software for all of your needs. Our software bundles are flexible as modular solutions for you to build a comprehensive school software platform that best suits your needs for safeguarding, network monitoring, and classroom management

Senso is increasingly popular in the US among faith schools of all denominations who look for us for effective student safety and classroom management software. Our cloud-based school network management and student device monitoring offers unique choices for software meeting your needs that are adaptable to your institution. Becoming the go-to school software provider for faith schools across the country has enabled us to do our part in helping schools modernize and integrate technology into classrooms while keeping student well-being at the forefront.

Discover the reasons why some of these schools across the country chose Senso cloud software on our case studies page. If your school is experiencing problems with your current school software, why not see if Senso works for you as it does for others with a Free Trial of Senso software?

What are Faith Schools looking for in School Software?

Web filtering solutions and new classroom management strategies to improve student engagement are key to many of our Faith school clients in their search for a software provider.

Safeguard Cloud provides a consistently up-to-date and comprehensive content filtering system for full network protection on school computers and student devices. This system for ensuring student safety online is based on filtering new threats that arise on the internet and also provides you with insight into how your students use the internet with live computer monitoring. This software covers all bases to protect from harmful content, while also highlighting inappropriate behavior among students to be met by appropriate responses from staff.

Senso Class Cloud is our classroom management solution that connects to a remote desktop client for distanced and hybrid learning situations where you need to monitor student well-being and online activity in real time. Teacher dashboards with live thumbnail views allow educators to view what each student is doing on their networked devices. With a press of a button, other features allow them to lock student screens, broadcast to other devices, and block web connections to minimize distractions in class.

Being able to have control over what your students do online is vital to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for any subject lesson, teaching style, or class size.

Why is Cloud Software becoming more popular?

Older, more clunky interfaces and complex controls of on-premise IT systems leave staff in the dark about how beneficial an effective remote desktop client like Senso can be for your whole network, and most importantly for your students. Network management with an accessible, intuitive design is the most efficient and simplest way to know that your students are effectively protected and not exposed to harmful content online.

Comprehensive libraries of keywords for detection and AI-driven visual threat analysis as part of Safeguard Cloud is a proactive way to protect students across your whole school network. Identify individual issues and patterns of behavior with cloud-based device monitoring solutions that provide protection while also reducing false positives with live safeguarding dashboards for manual control and user activity tracking.

Cloud software is an important asset for schools looking for comprehensive and reliable student safety software as it is easily implemented as a Microsoft Azure Partner and is compatible with Chrome and Microsoft Operating Systems. Effective classroom management and WatchGuard software is made simple, remaining up to date with the latest threats and providing new ways to adapt your teaching and management style to create a unique and engaging classroom atmosphere!

What makes Senso uniquely flexible for your school’s needs?

Here at Senso we recognize that different schools have different requirements when it comes to the size of their IT fleet and safeguarding needs for various age groups. Therefore, our solutions allow for effective management with great flexibility and choice for which software suite is best for you and your institution.

The intuitive dashboard and exportable and sharable trend reports and email alerts as part of all of our software platforms puts the power in your hands to filter, sort, highlight, and ignore user activity to your school’s specifications. While Senso’s smart software maintains fast-paced protection and safeguarding software systems that act immediately to maintain everyday internet safety for students.

Senso’s online support and training on using software is available to help all staff including administration, teachers, para-educators, and other paraprofessionals to become tech experts. Our software is designed to improve understanding of how dashboards, data, and messages can be used in many ways to benefit your institution. But also demonstrates clearly the wider trends you see in everyday interactions with students, providing insights into safety issues including cyberbullying and harmful online activity.

If you are looking for new ways to upgrade your School Software to get the most out of your technology, why not try Senso?

Don’t miss out on your Free Trial of our amazing School Software. If you have any questions you can contact our team at 866-664-1520 for more information about how Senso can help your institution protect student safety in new ways.