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What is Assisted Monitoring?

Unlike other web filtering solutions, Senso’s Assisted Monitoring software enables a holistic approach to student safety, making it a premier school safety software platform.

Online safety management needs to provide effective cover to reduce risks to data and limit contact with inappropriate material in schools. A truly effective student safety platform should also cover well-being concerns, enabling you to provide mental health support for students by identifying problems as early as possible.

At Senso, we are dedicated to using school software for good, helping keep students and staff alike safe and happy regardless of the stresses of school, life, and uniquely online threats like cyberbullying.

How Does Assisted Monitoring Work?

Senso Assisted Safeguard Monitoring Service (SASMS) is a fully managed safeguarding triage service aimed at identifying safety issues and reporting concerns to school safeguarding intervention teams.

Violations of safeguarding detected in Senso safeguarding software are identified through the use of content filtering for student safety keywords that indicate struggling students. This can include harmful language, threats of harm to others of themselves, and signs of cyberbullying. When safeguarding violation events are detected on your network by Senso student monitoring software are passed on to human experts with experience in child safeguarding.

The SASMS team categorizes events as False Positives (to disregard), For Investigation, or Needing Immediate Action. Events For Investigation are sent to schools in weekly reports with information that each school can review and take action on. Whereas, events marked as Needing Immediate Action are sent to the school with a notification email or call to notify immediate threats of harm or life that are detected. The SASM team and POSH helpline are available to provide additional assistance to schools around these urgent events.

Levels of Support

Depending on your school’s required level of support, which can differ depending on the capacity of your school safeguarding team, different levels of support are available: Urgent Incident reporting or Full Triage.

The SASMS Urgent or Critical service focuses on providing reports on only high-risk potential safeguarding incidents. This provides a safety net for real threats, removing all false positives and smaller concerns from events school safeguarding teams need to review and take action on.

The Full Triage process is a full digital safety management system to identify different severities of safeguarding violations and behavioral incidents to pass back to your school to review and intervene in. The weekly reporting available in this service is invaluable in regularly giving you an update on the overall situation of student well-being in your school to keep track of long-term issues and intervene early.

Our SASMS Safety Management Group

With Senso’s SASMS partnership with the award-winning charity ‘The South West Grid for Learning’ (SWGfl) we are committed to always speak up for safety and giving you the tools to identify and assist students in need. Assisted Monitoring requires a combination of human expertise with rapid action safeguarding and content filtering software with the best qualifications and commitment to student safety.

Child protection specialists are able to effectively evaluate events, identify the key risks, and propose responses or escalations that may be required. This vital information is included in weekly reporting and also available in collaboration with the ‘Professionals Online Safety Helpline’ (POSH) for urgent cases.

How we keep Student PII safe

Confidential data is only shared with trusted partners over secure cloud software in the assisted monitoring process. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not shared through this process, each safeguarding event is viewed in only the necessary context to accurately identify threats out of concern for student safety.

As FERPA and SOPPA-compliant software company we take our responsibilities for caring for student data incredibly seriously. No data from student education records or identifiable data is passed onto external sources, in line with government rules. If you have any concerns over data use don’t hesitate to get in touch or take a look at what our clients have to say about how seriously we take security concerns.

Give Assisted Monitoring a try with a Free Demo of Senso School Software!

Student safety is a huge concern for schools across the country, and Senso is committed to helping identify threats to students whenever they arise. You can book your Free Demo of Senso software today and begin the road to a fully protected, secure and safe school network.