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Using Senso for both in-person and virtual learning

The hallmark of a great software is accessibility, and Senso has mastered it. In an age where learning has adjusted to the new normal post-pandemic, and lessons can be conducted both online and in person, distance learning software needs to be fully accessible and operational from anywhere in order to benefit its users the most. Not only does Senso carry an extensive safeguarding software range, each is optimized to perform just as well in school as at home.

Features for In-Person Learning

The traditional way of learning is gradually reintroducing itself as restrictions lift, and Senso’s extensive wide range of helpful tools are designed to complement and support your teaching. Below, we’ve listed some of our top picks for the features guaranteed to make your teaching experience as smooth as possible:


With our Assisted Monitoring software solution, Senso offers a student computer monitoring software that pairs with our software to view and keep track of student’s activity. This service will automatically report any and all violations, so you can take action in real time. As well as real-time alerts, you can also benefit from the support of the fully-trained Assisted Monitoring team, who can provide you with guidance and advice on any issues raised.

Blocking Access

Ever noticed a student going off-task during a lesson? With our access control feature, you can prevent distractions and time-costly behaviors by taking control of computers at a classroom level. Senso believes in enabling our users to have full control of their software estate, and as such, you can grant and deny access to sites at your discretion.

Google Classroom Sync

Our optimized syncing makes managing your classroom so much easier. Our pairing with Google Classroom means that you can simply select your chosen Classroom, and in one click, you can view your live thumbnails. For an in-person class, this is ideal for syncing your students up to the same page and Class for an interactive and synonymous learning experience.

Features for virtual learning

Virtual learning has had an explosive growth spurt, thanks to global restrictions amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, and educational institutions have had to adapt quickly in order to continue providing the best standard of learning possible. Senso recognizes this demand, and as such, our virtual learning-optimized features are the perfect complement to your teaching. Below, we’ve highlighted some of our top picks from our virtual learning tools:

Run Website / Application

When you’re managing a class remotely, one of the most important tasks is ensuring everyone is on the same page simultaneously. Of course, this isn’t as easy when learning takes place virtually, which is why Senso’s run website feature is perfect for getting everyone on track. You can take selected machines or your whole class to your chosen page with the push of a button, and you can even save your favorites to access in one click. Classroom management has never been easier!

Quick Question

Our quick question feature makes it simple and easy to send out a question, either to your class or selected computers. This could be asking for feedback, sending reminders to students, or providing an opportunity for them to ask questions privately. This feature is particularly useful for receiving and providing questions and answers in a helpful and non-disruptive way, as students may – understandably – feel some anxiety about disturbing the class to ask a question. Our quick question feature makes it an easy and discreet way of catching up to the rest of the class, ensuring nobody gets left behind.

Microsoft Teams

Senso are proud to be partners with Microsoft Teams, and our seamlessly integrated software provides teachers with the peace of mind that students are safe with Senso. Our unobtrusive Microsoft Teams monitoring will observe chats and media sent through the platform, and raise a concern to admin if a threat or violation is detected. This is done through Senso’s Artificial Intelligence and regularly updated keyword algorithms, which can detect potentially harmful content instantaneously.

What Next?

This article is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to covering the plethora of safeguarding tools we have available! Senso’s great range of software is specially designed to give control back to the teacher, no matter your location – whether you’re remote or in-person, there’s a software for everyone. If you’d like to book your FREE demo, or have a chat with one of our experienced team, simply fill out the contact form, or call us on 866-664-1520.