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Understanding Safeguarding Software for Student Safety

Student safety online needs to be addressed through collaboration and reliable IT monitoring and management between staff and the students themselves. Each school functions differently in terms of technology and management, but student safety should always be a priority.

Schools should have a full understanding of how to protect internet privacy and benefit student well-being with web filtering software solutions. Senso is here to guide you through the best ways to use Safeguard cloud software to ensure the best protection to meet your Safeguarding responsibilities.

What is Safeguarding Software?

Safeguarding refers to every institution’s responsibility to keep young people safe online. Safeguarding software is a tool that works to improve your awareness of harmful activities taking place on your school network.
Software for student safeguarding like Senso’s Safeguard Cloud should include capabilities such as:

• Web behavior trend analysis reports

• Intuitive management and safeguarding display

• Critical concern email alerts

• Visual threat analysis

• User activity tracking and logging

• Web blocking software

• Cloud keyword filtering libraries

• Anonymous reporting tool

As well as working as a content filtering firewall to block web access to certain sites or searches for identified keywords, cloud-based safeguarding software provides live comprehensive reports so you can identify consistent problems with online behavior. Once you have access to this important information, your school can engage with digital citizenship lessons to educate students and provide staff training in how live computer monitoring software for schools can be integrated into classroom management.

For your guide on how you can engage with Safeguarding as a school culture, you can read our full Safeguarding blog page here.

Web Content Filtering Solutions

Content filtering is a general term for how remote computer monitoring and targeted web content blockers can enable you to browse safely without encountering harmful or inappropriate online content. Cloud-based web filtering software uses a remote database to monitor keywords that may be harmful for detection and blocking on your school network. As a cloud-based network IT monitoring and management tool, this creates a unified safe search filter throughout the school so all connected student devices and school computers receive the same protections.

Senso Safeguarding Software is dedicated to CIPA Compliance. This means that schools can be assured our web content filtering solutions provide comprehensive and reliable protection for student safety. CIPA requirements were implemented in 2000 to protect children from inappropriate and harmful content online, like obscene images, hacking risks, online privacy risks, unrestricted chatrooms, and messaging.

Through keyword monitoring, content filtering firewalls, AI-driven visual threat analysis, and web content blockers, Senso’s Safeguarding software is designed to create a protective online environment. Addressing important safety concerns to benefit student well-being as well as minimizing risks that could impact your school network and young people’s internet confidence.

Addressing Cyberbullying

The user-accessibility of Senso’s Safeguard Cloud software’s network management safeguarding display makes student online behavior monitoring easier for the administration. This is important to address concerns like cyberbullying which can impact student well-being in many ways. Google Classroom screen monitoring integration and Microsoft Teams monitoring through chat log scanning give schools the power to identify harmful interactions between students that occur online.

Anonymous messaging tools as part of Safeguard Cloud is another way that technology can benefit communication within schools to promote student safety. Raising priority concerns in reports with the ability to provide screenshots and express concerns gives students a voice within a safe environment protecting their privacy to have their problems with cyber-bullying or any other well-being issues addressed.

By producing reliable data and trend reports taken from anonymous communications and remote computer monitoring easily available on the Safeguarding Display, conflicts and safeguarding issues can be identified more quickly by staff to address immediate concerns with student well-being.

To learn how to build safe spaces online through social-emotional learning in addition to software tools for anti-bullying, our new blog ‘Building Safe Spaces’ is a great tool for planning your school’s approach to cyber-bullying.

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