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Top 7 Back to School Tips for Your School Software

As the 2023/24 academic year approaches, schools across the United States are gearing up to welcome students back to school. Is your school software up to date with the best IT tools to provide a smooth transition back into teaching and learning?

It is essential this summer to take an overview of your current educational and teaching software to discover areas you can improve. A consolidated, cloud-based management software like Senso’s software packages for schools should provide a wide range of the best IT tools to enhance and assist administration and classroom management while keeping your network secure.

Integrating technology into the classroom and school management provides innovative solutions to many common challenges and inefficiencies that come post-Summer Break. Here are some of our top tech-based tips for managing a successful return to school to inspire your school software choices for this Fall!

Learning Management Systems for Staff Induction and Onboarding

Refreshing existing staff on or introducing new members to your school’s compliance procedures, guides to new classroom technology tools, safeguarding software and in-person protocol is crucial for an efficient, safer school environment. Senso Learn is a Free online classroom platform for schools to upload and host staff training and onboarding content libraries based entirely on what they require.

Senso also offers training modules from our experts that emphasize online safety and compliance requirements all schools should follow.

Sync Safeguarding Software across Networked Devices

Senso Cloud based software is built with integrations across systems like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Azure platforms. This functionality provides easy access to shared files and networked software to create a consolidated online ecosystem.

It is simple to ensure all relevant safeguarding software systems and administration resources are available through syncing across platforms like the Enterprise Cloud Bundle. This software enables real-time identification of un-synced devices and checks for risks to individual devices on one easy-to-understand dashboard.

Teaching Software for Resource Sharing

When returning to the classroom, teachers and para educators can benefit from shared resources from one simple classroom platform. Google Classroom and ClassLink share class resources with Senso Class Cloud and Class Instructor software for effective use for classroom management.

Teachers can share classroom management strategies, syllabi, and schedules with other staff, substitute teachers, and students to build a great collaborative classroom climate.

Configure and Audit Network Appropriate Permissions

When integrating technology into the classroom, it is important to maintain data integrity and privacy by managing permissions effectively. FERPA mandates that children’s data be carefully protected and managed to prevent harm from unauthorized access. Updating and auditing permissions on your school software and linked applications is important to create a secure online environment for students as they return to the classroom.

Improving Classroom Management Tools

To address student anxiety around the new school year, you can create an engaging classroom climate with fun and unique integrations of technology into the classroom. The best classroom setups for a collaborative classroom emphasize student centered learning with a range of interactive classroom technology tools like broadcast classroom screens, remote application launch, and other behavior management software to maintain active student engagement.

Implement Custom Alert Ticketing Systems on your Network

As the school year begins, technical issues are bound to arise. Managing and prioritizing tech issues to keep your school up and running can pose an issue without the right business or School (K-12) asset management software.

A customized system on your asset management dashboard prioritizes manually selected events and devices. This system and the real-time remote troubleshooting capabilities allow you to efficiently focus time and manpower on what is most important to your school’s tech.

Prioritize Staff and Student Well-Being

A smooth transition back into school life depends on maintaining a safe and supportive environment for staff and student well-being. Utilize school software with Q&A and Quick Question modules as well as set up check-in questions for students in anonymous spaces online to open up communication in schools. Easily promoting open dialogues in accessible, safe, private ways is one of the benefits of integrating technology into the classroom in collaborative cloud platforms.

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