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Top 6 Classroom Management Strategies for Elementary Schools

Getting elementary school kids involved in learning can be difficult, especially as the school year winds down. However, school software tech solutions for classroom management can create an engaging and dynamic class environment, benefiting students, teachers, and paraeducators.

Senso’s Class Cloud and Class Instructor student device monitoring and classroom management systems are essential tools for elementary schools. This blog gives you the run-down of the top uses of our teaching software to keep classes on track and excited about learning.

Self-directed presentations for independence building

Throughout elementary school, students should continually receive encouragement and independence in lessons to improve confidence and ability. A great way to empower even young students is through class presentations.

Broadcast screen features as part of Senso classroom management software are an efficient method of classroom screen sharing for anyone. Providing a simple method for students to share with whole classes or small groups of peers without worrying about technology is key to reducing nervousness and stress around public speaking.

Quick question Pop-ups for Individuals, Small Groups, or Whole Classes

In lessons before lunch period or home time, it would be an understatement to say that student attention can wane. Engage your students when you need to with quick questions or warning pop-ups as part of your classroom management toolbox.

Communication to check in with or assist individual students privately in real-time through digital tools is a unique method to ensure no child gets left behind in the classroom. If certain students are disruptive, teachers can give warnings and notifications when necessary, without disrupting the whole class, or keep them present with a question relevant to the subject at hand.

Specific Classroom Group Pinning and File Sharing

Easy integration with Google Classroom and ClassLink allows educators to easily organize breakout groups for projects. Progress data, lesson outlines, and student assignments are accessible from anywhere and shared at teachers' discretion, so everybody stays on top of their work.

Giving students the opportunity to check on their assignments and know what they need to do through online learning management systems means they are less likely to miss out on important assignments, get lost in lessons, or have an excuse to forget homework. Having full integration of these systems with classroom management software means that each lesson’s activities, notes, and events can be easily tracked and shared for a modern blended learning approach.

Send Digital Handouts to Whole Classrooms with Ease

In busy classrooms, when it comes time to give assignment handouts to students, lesson time can be wasted as students become distracted from their work. Senso’s digital solution for this makes use of one of the largest benefits of EdTech software, improved efficiency.

Send file functionality allows educators to send unlimited documents to whole classes or individuals. This file allocation can be done from anywhere through cloud network sharing from the Class Cloud dashboard, giving your staff the ability to manage their lessons to a whole other level.

Gain student feedback and areas to work on with the Q&A module

Classroom management is all about maximizing the learning potential of students, but also for teachers and paraeducators. Q&A features of Class Cloud software allow teachers to update, change, and tailor their lesson plans and classroom management strategies in real-time. Addressing immediate concerns from individual students at any time, or requesting instant feedback from whole classes creates a responsive and dynamic classroom environment, making sure all students understand what is being taught.

Minimize Distractions with Software to Block Websites and Close Active Tabs

In elementary schools especially, the bright colors and excitement of the internet can impact classroom learning. As personal student laptops and devices become more integrated into classrooms across the country, one question is how to limit online distractions.

The Class Cloud lock screen and close active tab modules are among our favorite classroom management solutions for teachers. Limiting access to inappropriate web content is already handled by Senso’s top-of-the-line safeguarding software, but for distracting content, classroom management strategies of student device monitoring and blocking websites are a real-time way to beat distractions.

For seamless lesson delivery to all students, teachers can close active tabs, block internet access for certain computers, and remotely launch more relevant websites when needed. Classroom monitoring software through live thumbnail view of multiple devices on one student screen monitoring dashboard empowers teachers and other staff with more control to ensure all students stay on task when needed.