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The Best Education Management Software for your ISD

Managing your school district with a consolidated safeguarding network is vital in ensuring all students and staff are protected and all schools under your purview function efficiently.

Senso’s software is popular with Independent School Districts (ISDs) across the country, providing a comprehensive, unified cloud management suite of features to assist all levels of school safeguarding and other activities. Remote monitoring and management of your ISD technology creates a unified safeguarding net that can be customized to suit the needs of each individual school and used by staff and students in unique ways.

On all levels of management, Senso’s software can make a real difference to the running of your ISD.

Managing ISDs

Providing standardised levels of care across different schools in your district requires clear and regular data on the status of your tech fleet, network function, and supervising safeguarding compliance essentials and processes. With effective district management software packages that can be rolled out across school networks of all sizes, each institution is able to fully utilize the full range of Senso's school software packages.

Data sharing and student safety are a priority for us as providers of CIPA, FERPA, and SOPPA-certified software. All data that is collected and stored for the monitoring and management of students’ online behavior is kept private in our off-site, cloud-based software, making maintaining privacy safer and simpler, even on large scales.

Managing Schools

A strong level of communication across all levels of management and monitoring is crucial for the consistent running of schools. The Senso live cloud help desk enables problems to be solved effectively and efficiently without long processes to get support from delineated ISD tech support teams.

Web content filtering solutions may differ across K-12 education ISDs as various age groups need different levels of protection and freedom of access. With your Senso software package, you can delegate permissions to school staff to select websites to block and content to filter at their own discretion to meet any specific challenges and needs of the school.

Managing Staff

Encouraging staff to learn and use new school technology and software can be difficult, especially as hybrid learning has been rapidly introduced to them during the pandemic. Therefore, our software is designed to be as easy to use and reliable as possible, with additional help and training from Senso's onboard Learning Management System, Senso Learn. With a teacher dashboard with the right setup and permissions to enable full use of classroom management platform features, educators can inspire and involve students in their education and boost their learning outcomes.

Management of the staff aside from training and classroom management can also be a tricky job for administrators. However, creating online groups for resource sharing and scheduling is simple with Senso’s integration with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and Classlink. When supply teachers are required, our Substitute Teacher scheduling software solves the challenges of organizing the substitute and ensuring the appropriate support is given so as not to disrupt student learning.

Managing Students

Providing support to teachers to allow students to focus on learning is one of the key jobs of an ISD. Scaling up student behavioral management systems with Senso software is simple. The best education management software allows teachers to provide full class and one-to-one instruction through hybrid learning systems with tech integration in the classroom that ensures effective privacy and open communication through chat-enabled functionality.

Keeping up with each student’s progress and having relevant data for each safeguarding incident to track and identify any issues is a key element of ensuring a healthy school environment. In larger-scale ISDs, individuals can be forgotten in the scale, but with some extra software tools for safeguarding, and content filtering, students are kept safe from harm by different layers of watchguard software and content alert systems.

Manage and Monitor your ISD’s Online Behavior and Safety with Senso

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