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Tackling online bullying with Senso.cloud

One of the biggest problems facing schools is bullying. Countless children can suffer as a result of being picked on by their classmates, and it establishes a toxic and intimidating school experience, which can lead to issues with mental health, attendance, academic performance and so on. However, there are a range of resources available to help educators tackle bullying, and Senso are here to help. Read on to discover the ways in which Senso software can help identify bullying in your school, and help teachers cut off inappropriate behavior at the root.

How can Senso help tackle online bullying?

Senso has an expansive portfolio of industry-leading cloud classroom management solutions. Developed by experienced professionals, and tried and tested by countless satisfied schools, our software is designed to keep students safe and protected every time they log in. Our software features go the extra mile when it comes to protecting students online, and as part of our anti-bullying ethos, our products provide everything you need to trace bullying back and deal with it before it becomes a bigger issue. We’ve taken a look at some of our most popular features below:

Report A Concern

Used for both bullying and suicide prevention, as well as any other concerns someone may have, Senso’s report feature allows users to anonymously report a concern they have about themselves or another person. This is submitted electronically, and has the option to include screenshots if necessary. With the right education about reporting something bad happening to their classmates or themselves, children can use this class monitoring tool to make educators aware of events they may not have noticed, and help keep everyone safe from bullying or harassment.

Keyword Lists

Reviewed and updated continuously, Senso has a catalog of restricted content that our software will catch when monitoring conversations, websites and images sent via our network. Assisted by leading cyber charities such as the Internet Watch Foundation and the Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit, we frequently update our categories of harmful, explicit and abusive material, so children stay protected. Our continuous reviewing means that even the swiftly-changing language and context of the internet can be recognized and reported through Senso software.


Senso’s logging feature makes it simple to keep a comprehensive overview of users’ online activity. With the ability to sort by severity, phrase, user, keyword, visual threat and so on, educators will have quick and easy access to an extensive record of their network’s users and the content they send and view. Should any reports of bullying be made, or concern for a student’s welfare, Senso’s student computer monitoring software makes it easy to gain a clear oversight of your students and what they access, in order to root out bullying and harassment at the source.

Email Alerts

Senso knows that some cases are more urgent than others, and that sometimes someone’s safety can be compromised. That’s why our email alert feature is key for sending out high priority alerts that let you deal with a situation with urgency and speed. If our software detects any violations – where potentially urgent or critical content is recognized – Senso will automatically email you to let you know. This student device monitoring tool is an effective anti-bullying technique, catching unkind or threatening messaging exchanges and allowing it to be dealt with in real time.

Safeguarding Dashboard

Helping educators understand their students and their habits in a clearer and concise way, Senso’s safeguarding software presents rounded insights into concerning behaviors or repeat trends. By assembling relevant and sensitive data into one easy-to-use dashboard, educators can identify causes for concern –either in individuals or in libraries and online access.

CPOMS and MyConcern Integration

As two of the safeguarding industries’ most renowned online wellbeing services, Senso online monitoring software seamlessly blends with these solutions to create a streamlined reporting process. Any violations, concerns, or issues that need escalating can be directly imported by educators to your school’s CPOMS or MyConcern platform to efficiently and ethically deal with any safeguarding issues.

Whether this article has confirmed that Senso can cover all your safeguarding needs, or you have some more questions you’d like answered, we’re only a phone call or email away! We’d love to talk about your school’s safeguarding needs, and even offer a free demo so you can see the benefits for yourself! Simply fill out the contact form or call us on 866-664-1520.