Offering Free Access to our Class Instructor

With ESSER funding coming to an end, schools and school districts across the country are being forced to make tough decisions about where to allocate their funding. But, by switching to Senso, you don’t need to make these hard choices.

With our Web Content Filtering and Safeguard Cloud Software, we are now offering Free Access to our Class Instructor classroom management tools. This consolidation of tools works around tight budgets so your school has all the software it needs to foster success for students and staff alike.

Online Safeguarding Software

If you are a directory of technology, member of the IT team, or assistant super-intendent responsible for school software, these tools can help you achieve for goals for the upcoming semester and school year.

Keeping students protected from harmful online content is vital to uphold legal compliance with child-safety rulings. Our AI-driven content filtering system works with our safeguarding early warning systems to ensure up to date safety precautions and wellbeing monitoring for all students.

With the addition tech integration in the form of intuitive classroom management software in this limited time software bundle, there has never been a better time to switch to Senso and use your budget wisely.