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Support the Mental Health of Students

Focus on Mental Health this Winter

January is a tougher time for mental health. The short days and bitter cold snaps across the North-East can be difficult, especially for young people, who already face enough stress from the approaching test period.

Students face a lot more issues than just school stress. Remote learning during Covid had its own issues for student mental health, from separation from peers to Covid anxiety. However, with the return to school and introduction of blended learning, it is still important to keep student well-being as an important focus.

Mental health difficulties shouldn’t be stigmatized . Experts estimate up to one in six children in K-12 education have a mental health disorder. Therefore adapting how you teach to appreciate those struggling with school work or experiencing the world differently is important so no child gets left behind.

Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Through Technology

Make Lessons Interactive and Collaborative

Keeping learning fun makes a huge difference to young people’s outlook on school. Using classroom management software to make education manageable can greatly reduce stress.

Senso's Class Cloud is a powerful classroom management solution which possesses the ability to empower kids through its screen broadcasting feature. Encouraging students to express their creativity and communication skills through class presentations can really improve confidence. When their teacher allows it, students can broadcast their work to other student screens easily to make sure everybody is fully engaged.

Expertly Monitor your Student Network

Senso offer’s CPOMS and MYCONCERN integration with our bespoke student safeguarding software packages. This is a globally leading software solution for safeguarding and student-wellbeing care. Focused on reporting and monitoring signs of struggling students and recording interventions, this is a great option to add to your central network asset cloud manager.

Planning and adapting your organization’s intervention and school counseling services as problems arise, provides the best support for student mental health.

Online Monitoring

Unrestricted internet access can be a hazard to student safety. School networks should have effective content filtering and website blocking capabilities to ensure full internet safety for students is guaranteed.

Senso’s Classroom Management Software allows educators to continuously monitor and limit student activity, while Online Monitoring and Safeguarding Software uses extensive keyword lists and networked harmful website detection to protect your students online.

Always Encourage Communication

Out Quick Question feature is a great way to keep kids on track with their learning, but can also be used to identify where kids might be struggling in school, feel lost in the lesson, or disconnected from the class.

Early intervention is crucial for assisting student mental health. Use technology to subtly and discretely ask about what students may be struggling with, or for them to offer you feedback on how they need help.

Responsible Use of Technology

Outside of the benefits technology can bring, knowing how to responsibly limit its use can be very beneficial to student mental health. With the rise of blended learning, classes have more opportunities to encourage appropriate distance from technology for the benefit of students.

Sensible screen-time limits. Exposure to blue-light through technology use can impact student well-being. Being outside, exercising and taking screen breaks is an easy way to help students feel more connected in class.
• Be aware of class dynamics to tackle issues of bullying. Microsoft Teams Chat Monitoring gives educators access to chat logs which can aid in reveal issues of cyber-bullying. Open communication and close observation in classrooms and outside of them is vital to seeing where students can become isolated and offering them student well-being help.
• Making the classroom a safe space. Open communication and regular mental health check-ins are important for students to really understand their options for mental health and well-being support in schools.

We take Student Well-Being Seriously

Here at Senso, we dedicate our technology to improve the lives and educations of students from around the world. We are proud to support David’s Law for cyber-bullying protection in Texas as an important aspect of our upholding of student safety with CIPA Compliant software solutions to protect and uplift student independence and confidence online.

In 2020 for the ages 10-24 years, suicide was the second leading cause of death according to CDC data. Whilst we advocate for Suicide Prevention Initiatives and are endlessly proud to offer support for mental health through our school software, we are aware of how much further society needs to come to support those in need.

If these issues affect you or people in your life, you can call Mental Health America on 1-800-985-5990, or text “TalkWithUS” to 66746.

Book a demo to see for yourself how Senso Cloud software can provide helpful and bespoke school software packages to meet your needs.