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Support Mental Health in Schools with Student Safety Software

All aspects of school life should aim to support student mental health. In today’s world of blended learning, there are more and more threats to student well-being that can be ignored if not given the appropriate level of attention.

This is why Senso’s safeguarding software is designed to support your school’s student mental health resource team, to notify hazards, and to give you the power to restrict harmful student behavior online like cyberbullying.

Online Safety Management and Student Monitoring Solutions

Basic WatchGuard software blacklists and forbids certain content and websites to prevent harm. This is a basic required aspect of CIPA-compliant software (guidance on which can be found here). Senso’s safeguard cloud software goes the extra step to provide a holistic safeguarding display that records and monitors student behavior online. This makes it simple to identify patterns and trends in the biggest risks in your network.

Online safety management and monitoring programs also monitor student safety and activity to notify our Senso Assisted Safeguard Monitoring Service or SASMS team. Our experts help you log website activity to categorize and prioritize levels of urgency based on frequency, regularity, and severity of harmful behaviors and content access so you can appropriately respond within your safeguarding teams.

All relevant information is easily accessed through our safeguarding display reports. This dashboard allows for an easy understanding of where actions need to be taken to support students and work on solutions within your network to protect kids and promote mental health awareness.

Refocus Behavior in Class to Reduce Exam Stress and Distraction

Effective use of classroom behavior management software in lessons is a great way to ensure students are engaged in class and stay on track to meet their learning goals. Student device use in class controlled and limited by teacher software enables technology to be used in appropriate ways without unnecessary distractions.

Blended learning with the integration of student devices provides amazing opportunities to expand learning and promote independence and confidence in the classroom. Giving students the power to ask and answer questions privately and present work easily to peers is achievable with teacher supervision and support with broadcast screen and quick question features.

Students can express concerns both with exam stress, subject knowledge, and safeguarding or personal concerns with rapid-speed internal communication measures as part of student wellbeing software implementations. This communication remains private on internal servers but can be accessed by safeguarding staff when required to address larger concerns and potential harms.

Microsoft Teams Chat Monitoring and Cyberbullying Awareness

Keeping track of student behavior and communications online with student monitoring software and chat log access helps develop the staff’s understanding of student well-being. Promoting healthy social development in K-12 schools depends on an understanding of peer relationships both off and online, with the risks of cyberbullying and other online harms too often ignored.

With Senso’s partnerships with Microsoft Teams, our safeguarding content filtering software is an effective solution to manage Microsoft Teams chats that can be missed by teachers and supervisors. Becoming a more common tool in blended learning classrooms post-pandemic, Teams chats are an important area to keep an eye on in terms of behavior management and addressing mental health and well-being concerns.

Keyword databases and AI-based image identification systems work together on your class Teams chat as they do during web browsing to identify, block, and log inappropriate or harmful content, restricting chats to protect students in the moment and providing context for staff decisions to address the behavior later.

How can Senso’s Student Wellbeing Software Help Manage your School’s Online Safety Systems?

Senso is a premier international school software provider with support from a range of top US educational institutions and tech businesses. A trusted and reliable software provider is essential for revolutionizing your school software in ways that can help your network of staff and students better understand and address student behavior early before it becomes a larger mental health and well-being concern.

You can book your Free Demo to discover if our software is right for you or contact our team at 866-664-1520 today.