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Enterprise Chrome
Content Filtering

Helping Customers make the Switch to Senso


Ulysses Unified School District was tied into another solution via a contract. The team at Senso helped Dennis Gonzales through the process to ensure the switch was as seamless as possible.
With Senso’s classroom management and online safety capabilities, Ulysses Unified School District could now focus on providing staff with the tools they needed to keep students safe online and enhance their educational environment.



Monitoring and Online Safety Tools

Monitoring and Online Safety

Helping teachers give students a sense of freedom when it comes to technology.
For 6th Grade Teacher Audrey Marshall, keeping students safe when using their school-owned devices is key, as she believes in giving her students "a taste of freedom" when it comes to using technology in middle school.

With Senso’s Content Filtering solution, students are blocked from accessing harmful or inappropriate content online, giving teachers peace of mind when providing students with the opportunity to use devices to enhance their educational experience.


User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive classroom management tools for teachers.
Teacher Audrey Marshall praised Senso for its user-friendly interface compared to her previous classroom management solution.

Monitoring multiple student devices can seem daunting; however, Senso’s interface has been developed with usability in mind, as reflected in the testimonials of both Audrey Marshall and Dennis Gonzales about our platform.


Senso's User-friendly Interface

Providing next level cloud-based student safety software, monitoring and management for...