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Enterprise Cloud



How Senso helped Sabine ISD to monitor 1700 students in a mixed environment of Windows and other devices.
Sabine ISD needed a reliable solution that did not require continual service and labor hours, whilst being suited to technology teams and teachers.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

What challenges or needs did you face that led you to a solution like ours?
“Before Senso we were constantly having to do updates on our server and it was continuously having issues. With Senso.cloud being hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, we don't have to worry about that anymore.”

Google Classroom Integration

Why did you choose Senso over the competition?
“One of the key features that drew us in was ability to seamlessly integrate with Google Classroom. With such an easy setup, our teachers didn't have to do anything extra to view students devices and see the real time thumbnails in their online portals through Senso.cloud.”
Monitor Students on Windows Devices

Implementing Senso

What results have you seen since implementing Senso.cloud?
“Our teachers are able to monitor students in the classroom easier in a mixed environment of Windows and other devices.”


What processes does this solution enhance?
“Senso.cloud greatly helps us as an IT department with the ability to remote into our clients’ Windows PC's and work on them without having to physically be there.”

Easy Classroom Integration

“I would recommend Senso.cloud to anyone thinking about a classroom or network management solution. Anytime I reach out with a question or issue, the Senso support team is always quick to respond and find a solution.

Since implementing Senso.cloud, Sabine ISD has experienced a variety of benefits, such as reduced work time when having to fix Windows PC's, better monitoring experiences for our computer lab teachers, easy Classroom integration, and excellent customer support.”

Senso Classroom Integration

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