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Martinsville ISD is based in Texas and have around 400 students with Senso deployed to all of their Windows devices.
Take a look at why they chose Senso.cloud to be their schools Classroom & Network management software of choice.
K-12 School Management Solution

New Features

What's your favourite thing about Senso?
"My favorite thing about Senso is being able to work with a team of professionals and developers that are interested in making and updating a solution that fits the K-12 school environment. Any time there is a new feature that I need, the team does their absolute best to implement it, often for all users of the service. This makes the Senso community stronger with every update!"


Greater Control

How is Senso helping support your school’s technology plans?
"Senso allows us to have greater control over the content and experience that our students, faculty, and staff have with our technology. Rolling out software and updates is easier for us than ever before, as is management in general."

Cost Effective Solution

Why was Senso your preferred solution?
"Senso was a no-brainer for us compared to other solutions. It uses a cloud connection when off site and a peer to peer connection on site. All of the hosting is covered by Senso, and the cost is well worth it per device."
Cloud Management Solutions for K-12 Schools

True Cloud Capabilities

How does the true cloud capabilities of Senso help your schools?
"The true cloud capabilities allow me to access student, faculty, and staff machines remotely when I am not on campus. It is truly a great tool for me as a technology director."

Chad Huckaby - Technology Director | Martinsville School District

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