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Enterprise Chrome



Having to oversee and manage 2,030 devices, the Carroll County School District sought a solution capable of effective performance and scalability.
Senso's safeguarding tools demonstrated their invaluable nature shortly after implementation. Our software promptly alerted relevant staff when a student typed self-harm related topics on their device, enabling the school to react swiftly and take appropriate action.



Manage and Monitor Chrome Devices

Safely Monitor Devices

Ensure the safe monitoring and guidance of students on their school-owned devices.
Previously, Carroll County School District employed a solution that was cumbersome and had a slow loading time, causing frustration for teachers attempting to manage a group of students on their devices.

Senso provided a classroom management system that proved to be a robust and scalable platform, offering valuable features for both management and teachers. Senso delivered swift feedback, and its live thumbnail view allowed teachers to gain insights into students who might require additional assistance.


Online Safety Tools

How Senso alerted staff to a student who had written about self-harm.
Shortly after implementing Senso's online safety tools, the staff at Carroll County School received an alert regarding a student who had triggered violations related to 'self-harm'.

This information was promptly relayed to a social worker, who assessed the student's situation and provided the necessary support and assistance.


Monitor and Safeguard Chrome Devices

Providing next level cloud-based student safety software, monitoring and management for...