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Substitute Teacher

How Senso are solving challenges for districts across the US.

With America facing a teacher crisis, we are continuously hearing many stories of districts having to vastly increase substitute teachers to ensure that classes continue. Parents, school bus drivers and members of the military are just a few examples of where schools are having to pull substitute teachers from. As you can imagine, this is putting huge demands on districts to manage and support them in the classroom, and very often they can be overwhelmed by too many tools in the classroom.

Share Class Groups

When classroom management tools provide someone with access to a class, they only tend to get to see their own class details. This means other staff can’t see your class groups and you can’t see theirs. So, in the event that a substitute teacher needs to cover for a teacher who is off, they can’t see the correct groups and it is very difficult to share them all, causing many disruptions.

Senso was approached by a major school district who had real challenges in managing hundreds of substitute teachers and they needed a way to quickly assign class groups from one teacher to another.

Senso Substitute Teacher Groups

Substitute Teacher Integration

Substitute Teacher

Senso can upload Google Class groups and assign to the right people. Admins can have access to all class groups and can therefore share these groups to the correct people ensuring that substitute teachers have the right access to the classes they are covering. We can also integrate synchronized data groups like Microsoft Teams, Clever and ClassLink into our software too.

Delegated accounts can be created, roles can be changed to suit needs and roles can be made really easy for guests. Admins can have full control and can invite guests into the system and assign them a role to suit accordingly.