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Software deployment made easy with Senso

Deploy to thousands of devices in a matter of minutes. Sounds too good to be true?! We promise it isn’t!

A lightweight MSI file (client) is pushed out through your usual deployment method, such as SCCM, PDQ, Intune, plus more... so being truly cloud based means no server software is required. Winning! The administers web portal is browser based and can be loaded on any device that has an internet connection, meaning you can work from wherever, whenever.

We thought a little break down on what tools technicians use and love within our software would be useful to know. So here is a quick peek into a technician’s toolbox.

What software tools do technicians find most useful:

  • Allow only apps
  • Ban resources
  • Command prompts
  • System info includes software and hardware info
  • Error events
  • Policies to schedule: power on and off and privacy settings
  • Remote support to any device, anywhere.

All these remote learning tools can be run without disrupting teachers during class time. Meaning your technical team can work in the background with zero interruption to lessons and therefore learning. Everybody can go about their day with ease.

Being a Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution, Senso can scale to millions of devices across multiple devices and locations. Thirty devices per classroom or hundreds of devices across your school? Or perhaps you need to work remotely? No problem, Senso has you covered.

We pride ourselves on the fact we provide a gold standard support to all our customers for no additional cost including personalised remote support services. Whether you have a handful of licences or thousands of licences, our support is second to none.

Not to toot our own horn but compared to all our competitors who are mainly session based, Senso gives the technology team access and visibility to support their users and maintain devices without interrupting the end users who are working on the devices. So again, zero interruption for teachers and students during lessons.

Senso enables you as a customer to get an array of helpful tools whilst still being able to buy remote learning tools within your given budgets for classroom management or student safety. Purchasing with Senso really is a no brainer and the reason why so many districts are using our software and services already.

Do you want more information on what Senso.cloud can do for you and your school or business? Get in touch, book a demo and see why so many schools and businesses have already purchased our software.