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Senso can help with blended and hybrid learning for schools

One of the most defining periods of our generation, the Covid-19 pandemic, has left immeasurable lasting impacts on our day-to-day lives. The educational sector is no stranger to this impact, and methods of learning and teaching have changed to fit the ‘new normal’. Part of this change has meant the introduction of blended and hybrid learning to the educational experience, which has shook up the way we teach and learn.

Blended learning is a combination of in-person learning and online learning. The learning experience shifts to a mix between traditional teacher-and-student classroom-based education, as well as online-based learning, where the student can work at their own pace.

This is slightly different to hybrid learning, which offers the choice between traditional classroom teaching and remote learning; this is a situational educational experience that gives the student the choice about where they would like to learn from. These learning models have had a significant surge in popularity as a result of the social distancing impact of Covid-19, and have opened up a new way to teach and learn.

What are the differences between blended and hybrid learning?

While these models share a lot of similarities, there are a few differences that do set them apart.

Location is an important distinction to make between these two models. A hybrid method of teaching leaves the choice of setting up to the student, parent or teacher. Using programs like Zoom or Teams, there can be a combination of remote learners and in-person learners, but as long as all students are present simultaneously, this can be used as an efficient teaching method.

Blended learning, however, places more emphasis on teachers and students being in the same space when it comes to in-person learning – face-to-face education is a larger aspect of this method.

Resources are also a distinguishing factor that set the two apart. When learning is done at a distance, teachers and students rely on electronic resources to facilitate their lessons, whereas in-person teaching can rely upon textbooks, lectures, or other methods that don’t involve the internet and/or electronics.

How can Senso help blended and hybrid learning for schools?

No matter where a lesson takes place, one of the most important things a teacher needs to do is retain control of their class. This includes introducing a lesson plan, outlining learning objectives, controlling behavior, commanding focus, and so on and so forth. This might seem harder to do when students are learning remotely, but Senso’s range of classroom management solutions can help.

Class Cloud

Our classroom management focused software, Class Cloud, puts emphasis on the importance of being in control no matter your location. With Class Cloud, you can teach on the move through our remote access technology, monitor student’s educational devices no matter where learning takes place, implement safeguarding measures, and much more. You don’t need to worry about controlling your learning outcomes when you can take full control of your class through our web-based management console.

Safeguard Cloud

With Safeguard Cloud, you can rest assured that when you use Senso software, you are guaranteed a safe and enjoyable user experience. Safeguard Cloud is packed with unique features tailored to provide expert levels of protection against harmful content online. Benefits include artificial intelligence-powered visual analysis of threats, report logs of user history and violations, anonymous concern reporting, to name but a few.

It suits hybrid and blended learning models perfectly, with the features accessible to teachers at any time or on any device, and immediate email alerts triggered by any critical concerns in order to keep them constantly aware of their student’s wellbeing.

Microsoft Teams

Teams experienced a huge growth in 2020 onwards, thanks to lockdown laws meaning millions of students had to adapt to learning from home. As a trusted partner of Microsoft Teams, Senso have developed a seamlessly integrated model that monitors chats and images for violations, using AI and keyword algorithms that have been specially developed to notice and alert threats to user safety.

There is no reason for concern over your student’s safety when learning takes place outside of the classroom, as the Senso Teams package has the optimized additional advantage of being agentless. This means it works at school, home, and on the go with no software to install, running seamlessly within your Teams tenancy – distance learning is safe and convenient.

These are just a few of our many specialist safeguarding packages that make Senso an industry-leading software solution company. Designed with student safety in mind, we believe in creating accessible and competitively priced models that remove the barriers from distance learning.

With Senso, you can teach or learn from anywhere, with the assurance that safeguarding is the number one priority. To shop the rest of the Senso product range, click here.