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Senso and SHI partnership

Our trusted partner from the very beginning.

SHI International Corp are a global provider of software and hardware, founded in 1989, they offer customer IT solutions to corporate, enterprise, public sector and academic customers of all sizes. Also holding a contract with NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Officials) ValuePoint for cloud solutions, means they can offer a vast range of reliable and secure cloud options. NASPO ValuePoint provides the highest valued, reliable and competitively sourced contracts.

SHI International are one of our trusted US partners and have been partnered with Senso from the very beginning, helping us to showcase our software across the US. Because SHI are an approved trusted partner of Senso’s, not only does it provide school districts with the confidence to purchase our software through them, but it also creates simple purchasing options as they are already set up on the internal procurement systems and don’t have to be set up as a new vendor. Super simple and easy!

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