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Secure Remote Access with Cloud Education Software

How can your school or Independent School District (ISD) benefit from remote asset cloud software? An effective multi monitoring and control software bundle allows for the smooth and efficient management of your students, staff, and IT systems. All from a centralized and secure dashboard designed for ease of use.

We recommend our comprehensive, consolidated cloud solution bundle, Enterprise Cloud, for your school’s secure asset management and monitoring software.

The Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Management

If your school still uses traditional on premise network management systems, now is the time to make the switch to remote secure access or offsite filtering and safeguarding software. Updating your school system to a cloud-based education software platform is the best way to keep up with the changing ways schools are integrating technology into learning and administration.

Functions of cloud-based education software include:
• Control and group permissions and password access to protect important data
• Remote access desktop client allows for admin to run files to solve issues remotely with the custom scripting language MiMiC.
• Update your software or schedule updates across your whole network with the click of a button
• Coordinated wake-on-LAN technology to remotely wake-up or shut-down devices as needed

For more information on Senso’s cloud-based education software solutions and more reasons to switch from an on premise management solution, you can read our article: What Senso Cloud does Differently.

Keeping your Data Safe and Secure

The Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) as part of the Enterprise Cloud Bundle allows for the grouping and restriction of user-based information. A central administration control system enables only those with the correct permissions to access important and private data, keeping your school information safe.

Automatic sync across the network, when access grouping is set up, makes administration a simpler process. Instead of changing individual permissions, staff can be automatically added to relevant groups, enabling sharing and restriction across your networks with ease. Setting up groups of users and devices is a simple process that enables effective communication, even when offline!

Grouping logins with pre-defined permissions allows for efficient staff management while keeping important data safe and secure. Administration, teachers, and para-professionals are able to share monitoring responsibilities and access important safeguarding data reports as needed.

Even when individual admin staff members require access to permissions not provided under their grouping, such as Active Directory password resets, our enterprise cloud service desk allows you to provide these permissions without opening up access to the AD itself. This allows for easy day-to-day running of your network while keeping data safe.

Security is very important to Senso as a provider of school software solutions. Our fully COPPA & FERPA Compliant software provides safe solutions that protect student data to go above and beyond the requirements of these laws and regulations.

Discover a Smarter way to Manage your School with Senso

The Cloud-based features of our software are kept secure and give you as an administrator many options to keep your data safe. From restricting permissions to protecting your network with custom registry keys, you have full control over school data.

To decide whether Senso software is right for you, you can Book your Demo for Free today. Invest in your school’s technology today with a little help from Senso.