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Safeguarding - All you need to know

Senso offer many bundles within our cloud-based platform for device monitoring and management.

Our All-In-One software for Classroom, Student safety, Web Filtering, Network and Asset Management is perfect for managing and monitoring any Windows and Chrome, iOS and Mac device from a centralized web portal.

Because online safety for students and staff is imperative, Senso have designed an unparalleled and trusted device monitoring and management platform for K12 education to assist you in keeping students safe online.

Online Monitoring and Safeguarding

Our safeguard cloud enables you to protect K12 users using school-owned devices by proactively monitoring and indicating to the relevant staff, users who may be vulnerable or at risk, users who may pose a risk to themselves or others, and inappropriate, off-task or harmful behavior. Because we offer a top-level overview and reporting of all violations across a single or multi-site setup, we are able to deliver an unparalleled insight into a user’s actions and behaviours using advanced AI driven visual threat analysis. This is developed with usability in mind. Senso’s internet monitoring and student safety software is designed to prevent bullying and suicide risks, offering you live alerts, keyword monitoring, website logs and blocks.

Safeguard Cloud allows student safety staff and school leadership an additional layer of protection to support the school/districts crisis prevention program and to identify at-risk behavior such as suicide and self-harm.

Online Safeguarding Software

Online Monitoring

Visual Threat Analysis

With advanced AI driven threat analysis, when violations occur a screenshot is provided, these screenshots are then analyzed by our AI driven threat analysis engine to highlight if the content a user is accessing may be harmful or inappropriate. This then ensures the correct action can be taken.


Live Thumbnail View

Monitor the entire class with ease. With the ability to view the screens of multiple devices in class to ensure students are focusing on the lesson you can take control of all your student’s devices if required from your device. Control, monitor and manage with the touch of a button!



If you need an overview of violations, this dashboard does the job! You can easily understand outstanding issues and online behavior across one or multi-sites, including things like key data around users, devices or libraries which trigger the most violations.

Logging and Blocking

Logging enables you to keep track of user activity. You can sort and filter by severity, phrase, user, keyword, and visual threat. This gives flexibility for reviewing violations and allows you to pinpoint and prioritize those that require support quickly. This also provides full browsing history to understand online activity in a wider context.


Raise a Concern

Safeguard your staff and students with ease. For suicide prevention and bullying, Senso provides a tool allowing users to anonymously report a concern about themselves or someone else electronically, with the ability to take screenshots if and where appropriate.

Report a Concern

Safeguarding Violations

Keyword Libraries

Keyword libraries are incredibly important within the school setting. Leading charities such as the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and the Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit update our lists of keywords twice monthly, ensuring you are monitoring for the very latest potential threats. Each keyword is provided with a definition of where appropriate too – taking out the guesswork of those modern day acronyms and slang terms, which seem to be forever changing amongst the generations!



Get a greater understanding of trends and behavior across your sites. Senso provides you with key reports and exportable data so you can better understand trends and behavior.


Email Alerts

We appreciate how busy you are, and that prioritization is key. That’s why we will immediately alert you via email should any urgent or critical violations be triggered. This enables you to prioritize any urgent or critical concerns and deal with them quickly.