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Remote Script Software - Management Shortcuts for Your IT Team

Remote script software enables the efficient management of whole systems and individual devices when needed. This makes for a great solution for busy businesses and schools to save time by creating shortcuts and remotely running them across your network.

Install programs remotely, manage permissions, and control keyboard inputs from your centralized dashboard with the range of remote scripting languages available with Senso software. A key IT team module of the Senso Network Cloud bundle, remote scripting modules, including our MiMiC Script full management script system, create an easy way to manage, schedule, and administrate your device fleet effectively.

What is the Senso MiMiC Script

The Senso MiMiC Script is a custom scripting language that executes keyboard commands remotely, controlling individual, or groups of devices. This enables administration and IT staff to run commands on other devices to download or delete files as required, or even open relevant programs such as task managers to solve larger issues that may be raised with your tech fleets.

When paired with our remote device monitoring software in the Network Cloud Bundle (also available in the Enterprise Cloud Bundle), the MiMiC script is a key element to responding to alert tickets and identified issues.

When a question or problem is raised with one or multiple devices, running a MiMiC script to install missing software, uninstall faulty software, or fix specific issues is made easy from anywhere. Using the live thumbnail view, your IT staff can even check on the devices’ response to your actions and take further action when required.

The MiMiC Script is easy to use, based on a coding language using simple exclamation points to indicate instructions and integrating Chromebook and other system shortcuts for an intuitive management system. For example, to open the device manager on Chromebooks remotely with the simple input of the key script:

For a handy list of common prompts and further instructions, our information support blog is an easy-to-understand guide for using MiMiC script.

Running Remote Scripts

In addition to the MiMiC script, remote scripts are also available for use on Senso software, including Batch, PowerShell, and Visual Basic scripts.

Using remote scripts as part of your network device management software dashboard is as simple as inputting a piece of code and selecting to apply it to your target devices. From this easy action, your chosen device can run the command programs in sequence to have the desired effect.

The process is simple, entering code into the command prompt box on the network dashboard and selecting to run the instruction immediately affects selected devices via cloud software. For common tasks such as running updates, and scheduling power on and off for your network devices, you can even save your remote script instructions for later as shortcuts, shared with your IT administration team for efficient coordinated responses when required.

Save your Scripts as Shortcuts

Setting up script shortcuts optimizes your device management system, allowing for a fast response to your most common issues whenever they may occur.

Creating a customized set of remote script profiles shared with your staff that have permissions within the Senso network cloud system means that staff can use the coding language to fix issues even if they are not an expert in the language.

Creating a truly collaborative dashboard within Senso’s software systems is a great way to ensure that important tech skills are shared within the increasingly computerized, hybrid world of business and education.

Optimize your Network Device Management Tools with Remote Script from Senso

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