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Microsoft Teams Monitoring with Agentless Safeguarding

As modern classrooms change with the rise of hybrid learning, tools like Microsoft Teams have become invaluable to K-12 classrooms. However, as learning, collaboration, and communication move online, ensuring a safe and secure online environment for students is more important than ever.

Therefore, agentless safeguarding monitoring becomes a crucial solution to manage classroom behavior, identify safety concerns, and foster a healthy learning environment. But what is agentless software? And what benefits can it bring to enhance monitoring in the classroom?

Understanding Agentless Safeguarding Monitoring

Agentless software for safeguarding allows for a proactive approach to monitoring groups of students without the need for additional software installed on each device. Using cloud monitoring software from Senso, educators, and administrators are able to monitor Microsoft Teams chat logs and track other online activity, all through cloud-based device monitoring software.

Streamlined On Cloud Tracking and Easy Management

Using a cloud client rather than agent-based filtering and monitoring, management of multiple devices, and even multiple classrooms is simple. The Senso dashboard presents a centralized monitoring hub for class and student reports, including both at-a-glance summaries of alerts, and regular full safeguarding reports.

Agentless software applied across student and school devices eliminates the need for complex installation processes and configurations. The administration dashboard allows staff to select certain classrooms or students to monitor as well as larger groups of devices easily. This seamless process of management reduces the administrative burdens of setting up software across devices while still providing effective and holistic coverage.

Microsoft Teams Dashboard for Senso Monitoring

Senso partners with Microsoft Teams to provide safeguarding coverage. This means that our software is fully integrated with the Teams platform. The Senso centralized dashboard includes a specific Microsoft Teams dashboard where programmed alerts from chat monitoring software and classroom activities are presented and categorized intuitively for staff to access and understand.

As a fully cloud-based software provision, agentless monitoring provides a holistic view of student activity in real-time. This ensures that no potential risks or safety concerns go unnoticed and school safeguarding processes are seamless and comprehensive.

Empowering Educators with User-Friendly Software

Agentless software is perfect for schools, especially larger schools where classroom management can become chaotic. Applying software through the Senso client without having to go through each device makes ensuring full coverage an easy process. This ease-of-use extends further with Senso software allowing for update scheduling and automated power on and off functions for school devices.

Switching to a hybrid learning experience can be a difficult transition. However, with cloud solutions like Senso, our systems can manage and monitor classrooms effectively and present data and trends in a straightforward way, allowing teachers to get back to the important part- teaching!

Microsoft Teams Chat Monitoring Tools

With the Teams integrated safeguarding software from Senso, both text and image-based inappropriate content can be recognized, blocked, and reported.

AI-based visual threat detection and regularly updated keyword databases prevent harmful messages and images from reaching students. The dashboard provides information in real-time alerts for serious issues and retrospective comprehensive tracking and trend reports to monitor patterns to identify cyberbullying or other harmful behaviors from students.

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With easy agentless setup, integration with Microsoft Teams and other technologies, as well as top-quality support from our expert team, Senso’s safeguarding monitoring software is the ideal partner for enhanced classroom management.

By leveraging the power of cloud-based tracking, real-time insights, and comprehensive reporting, educators can effectively monitor Teams chat, uphold safety standards, and nurture student success in the digital age.

To see for yourself how Senso’s monitoring and safeguarding software can be used in your hybrid learning environment, claim your Free Demo of our software or get in touch with our team at 866-664-1520.