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Maximize your School Software ROI with Senso

Senso’s products are designed to provide you and your institution with the best bang for your buck in our efforts to provide helpful and holistic school software solutions. Here’s how upgrading your classroom management and safeguarding software with Senso is a great cost-effective solution.

How can Safeguarding Software Benefit your Budgets?

Having full and immediate access to the security status of your institution makes identifying and dealing with threats easier and faster. In other words, remote monitoring and management software makes school security more effective and agile.

Mitigating risks through early detection prevents larger problems that may take more time and technical know-how to resolve. Maximize your IT staff’s abilities and hours with helpful software solutions, allowing them to focus on your system instead of facing high-pressure work which could ultimately harm the network.

According to the security experts at IBM, breaches cost US corporations an average of $4.35 million in 2022, up from $4.24 million in 2021. Therefore, having a solid and reliable software plan in place is worth it in the long term, with estimated savings to the average breach cost of up to $2.66 million!

Additionally, there is a human cost to data breaches, especially within educational institutions. Children’s sensitive data may be stolen and misused, putting them at harm and causing large amounts of stress for families. Cyberattacks have been found to have significant emotional and psychological consequences in 96% of those who experienced them in 2022. Among these impacts are a lack of trust from peers, reduced confidence in technology, and anxiety.

Our Price Plans

Senso provides great value price points for all of our software packages for schools with any operating system. The software can be purchased individually or in larger bundles depending on your institution’s needs and budget.

We recommend our larger packages such as Enterprise Cloud for their amazing value for money, but our top modules for individual buying are also great purchases!

Microsoft Teams monitoring with Senso is a great chat monitoring tool for protecting kids online for only $1.50 a year per user.

Asset cloud ($2 a year per device) asset manager allows for easy monitoring and management of school devices. Access your reports quickly, with easy-to-use interfaces for security alerts, performance assessments, and troubleshooting.

Content filtering with over 99.9% coverage and 99% accuracy through AI and human collaboration to ensure objectionable and harmful content is detected and blocked. This software, designed perfectly to ensure internet safety for students, is only $3 per year per device.

Enterprise Cloud

For a fully comprehensive school software package, our Enterprise Cloud bundle is only $8 per windows device annually or $5 per Google device annually! This affordable software package for schools provides full access to our best network and classroom management software at a very affordable rate.

Enterprise Cloud includes all of our essential modules including:
- Remote device control
- Microsoft Teams sync
- Google Classroom sync
- Azure AD information sync and grouping
- Client updater scheduling
- Screen broadcasting and application launch capabilities
- Sound and web blocking
- Client live chat for user-console communication
- Clever sync across classroom groups
- Mass device locking
- System information management and retrieval
- Remote login, logout, restart, and shutdown controls
- Command prompt controls (including MiMiC Script execution)
- Speed and security status tests
- Task manager
- Client toolbar views
- Email alerts
- Safeguarding keyword database


We are proud to provide our US customers with a 0% lease financing program with TEQlease for financing our range of modular teaching and safeguarding software packages for schools.

Spreading school technology network management payments across the year is a popular solution to help balance budgets. TEQlease and Senso are there for you throughout the equipment financing process. We aim to lower acquisition costs by providing transparent service specially tailored to your institution to get the most out of our software.

You can discover more about our partnership with TEQlease and how you can apply for bespoke finance and payment options here.

Start your software journey with Senso

If you’re still unsure about investing in top-quality school software with Senso, please don’t hesitate to call our reliable experts on 866-664-1520. Or simply Book a demo.