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Keep Students Safe with Senso.cloud’s Safeguarding Software

Senso’s safeguarding software equips educators with all the tools necessary to ensure student safety and protection from harmful content.

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What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is a mandatory requirement on school IT systems across the US.

Schools have a duty of care to protect their students from accessing explicit or harmful content, which is where Senso.cloud’s safeguarding software can be introduced.

Senso is an industry leader in providing innovative safeguarding software that equips educators with all the tools necessary to ensure student safety and protection from harmful content.

Its expansive offering of features, tailored to provide one of the most comprehensive online monitoring packages on the market, mean that you never have to worry about students being exposed to explicit content on the internet again.

What Does Senso’s Safeguarding Offer?

Senso.cloud is a cloud-based platform for device monitoring and management in education.

Holding a reputable position in the industry, the Senso portfolio offers a wide variety of solutions, and Safeguard Cloud is a safeguarding-focused offering that has proven success in schools.

Reporting on violations across single or multi-site setups, the safeguarding software offers an easily usable overview across student behaviors and activities.

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Safeguard Cloud Features

Keyword Libraries

Liaising with leading safeguarding charities, keyword libraries of potential threats are updated twice monthly, ensuring you the very best and updated level of protection.

Logging Reports

Presenting all relevant information such as browser history, violations made, threats detected and so on, to provide a thorough overview of users and associated concerns. Data collected is exportable, and Senso provides reports based on said data that provides an overview of trends and behaviors across the client’s sites.

Email Alerts

Alerts via email are automatically triggered to send if any urgent or critical violations are recorded.

Safeguarding Dashboard

Providing an overview into trends and statistics around users, data and libraries triggering the most violations, this feature helps educators locate the root of safeguarding issues.

Visual Threat Analysis

Artificial intelligence software analyses the content a user accesses when flagged as a violation to determine if there is a risk factor.

Report a Concern

In keeping with guidelines, users can anonymously report a concern about themselves or another, with the option to take screenshots if appropriate.

How Much Does Safeguard Cloud Cost?

Senso are champions of innovative products at competitive pricing, and Safeguard Cloud is no exception.

This package is priced $4 per device per year, leading the way for thorough software packages that keep students safe.

Find Out More

Senso has a contact form found here, where an experienced member of staff will contact you back as soon as possible to discuss any queries you have. Alternatively, you can call Senso on 866-664-1520.

If you would prefer to see a demonstration of the product, and the opportunity to chat one on one with a senior member of the team with any questions you have, you can book a demo.


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