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Introducing Blended Learning and Technology for Career Skills

Technology in the curriculum is vital for developing career skills for all ages. Introducing hybrid or blended learning to the classroom is widely agreed to be a great way to encourage holistic learning.

Bridging the digital divide by providing affordable and useful technological opportunities to all is one of the core drivers of Senso.cloud. Exposing your students to school software through integration into daily activities benefits their futures and careers by opening them up to the many different uses of technology in their day-to-day lives.

Benefits of Hybrid and Blended Learning

Hybrid learning, where traditional face to face interaction is complemented by online instruction, is no doubt familiar to all educators and para educators in 2023, but it is important not to completely leave technology behind post-pandemic in the classroom setting.

Blended learning is a form of hybrid learning that implements technology into the face to face learning environment through classroom management software to aid communication, demonstration, and sharing between students and in teacher to student instruction.

At any stage of K-12 education, it is important to meet your students where they are in terms of their everyday lives. Relating your curriculum to their technology filled lives can have huge benefits in terms of understanding and attention.

Increasing numbers of schools are providing devices to students through the increasing availability of 0% finance technology leasing services like TEQlease. Cloud-based device monitoring software is also more accessible with affordable NetOp Vision alternatives such as Senso Network Cloud to integrate devices across networks and implement safeguarding software and, among many other functions, seamless student Chromebook filtering and internet monitoring.

Senso Class Cloud software works to provide a classroom environment focused on open communication and giving all students access to the quality one to one education that they deserve. In particular, Class Cloud’s Broadcast Screen, Q&A, and Launch Modules give your students the opportunity to share their work with the entire class easily, or privately communicate worries and concerns with teachers.

Teachers are empowered to take charge of their classrooms by launching and sharing files and websites to benefit student understanding. Teacher classroom software provides flexibility for educators to enhance the curriculum while also ensuring appropriate conduct in the class through our various remote monitoring and content filtering software modules.

For more on the benefits of Class Cloud hybrid classroom blended learning integration software, take a look at our complete guide [pdf], or book your free demo with Senso.

The Gateway to STEM Futures and Beyond!

All throughout education, students should have the importance and uses of technology highlighted through responsible tech and IT education using safe and helpful school software. Your students are likely more tech literate than you may assume, and just need a little assistance to funnel this interest into successful pathways such as STEM.

Variety is the key to engaging your students in STEM in new ways appropriate to the diverse range of careers in the modern world. In addition to computer skills and coding that individual student computers with comprehensive software packages for schools can provide, presentation skills and communication are essential to give kids confidence in expressing their ideas through a range of diverse and creative methods.

When setting out STEM activities that can get kids excited about technology, experts say, it is important to:
• Relate STEM to their everyday lives- the common complaint of “But we’ll never use this in real life!” can be avoided by introducing science and maths in places familiar to your students. Explaining maths through activities such as shopping or the algorithms in their phones, or science as found in everything from the weather to cooking can help kids understand the world around them.

• Introduce hands-on education- trial and error and problem-solving activities can give students a sense of involvement in their own education and instils the information on a deeper level than reading. This can often be a problem in larger classes, but introducing classroom and lab management technology can more easily provide each student with the opportunity to experiment at their own pace and give teachers more opportunities to reach out and help individuals or small groups of students.

• Set foundations to build curiosity and understanding over time. File sharing and access to previous lesson material through shared online networks can give students the opportunity to expand their learning on their own time. This use of technology also solves issues of curriculum continuity between educators and substitute teachers, find out how Senso is solving the major issue brought about by the US teacher shortage in our expert blog.

Security & Safeguarding for the Future

Perhaps one of the most important skills for the future that access to technology in schools provides to children is how to stay safe and respectful with others online.

Student safety software such as Senso Safeguard Cloud for internet monitoring and safeguarding is there to keep kids safe and help guide them towards responsible internet use to protect student well-being. AI-driven visual threat detection and content filtering modules within this safeguarding software bundle are important to introduce how to approach their time on the internet and understand how certain online behaviors can lead to harmful content or other results.

You can find out more about the different ways Safeguard Cloud can be used in our complete guide [pdf] or by booking your free demo!

In addition to the amazing capabilities, our Senso for Microsoft Teams chat log monitoring is a great way to protect your students from cyberbullying and other threats. This is a great opportunity to detect through comprehensive chat monitoring software, where safeguarding is required and which behaviors are occurring among your students online. This is important for the development of children’s understanding of consequences and appropriate behavior and language which will aid them in many ways throughout life and their careers.