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Internet Safety for Students

Students online exist in a world where anything could happen, and it is our responsibility as educators and care-givers to help them avoid harmful and dangerous aspects of the internet.

Kids have to be protected online from cybercrime, cyber-bullying, malware, and inappropriate and dangerous websites and media. Senso’s easy to use, CIPA compliant safeguarding software and classroom management tools are there to make improving internet safety for students manageable, however, explaining their importance to your students can be tricky.

Senso is here to help both you and your students understand how to ensure internet safety for students by providing these helpful solutions…

What is Internet Safety?

The first step to help your students understand internet safety precautions, is to understand it yourself. So what is Internet Safety?

This may seem like a simple question, but is multi-faceted.

CIPA Content Filtering

The Children’s Internet Protection Act is an important and influential act of congress. We explain this in more detail in another one of our , that highlights how children’s access to harmful content on the internet is required to be controlled.

Senso Cloud’s internet content filtering ensures that school safeguarding software is fully CIPA compliant by implementing school web filtering capabilities in your safeguarding software. This allows remote monitoring and management to block harmful websites to ensure student safety on the internet.

A cloud-based database of harmful websites created to monitor keywords and filter out dangerous content makes protecting your school network simple and understandable. Our comprehensive and personalized safeguarding display and asset manager also makes protecting student safety accessible and easy.

Microsoft Teams Chat Monitoring

A common concern for educators is how to monitor Microsoft Teams chat logs to prevent issues of cyber-bullying and harmful communication from hackers getting onto school networks. Our is the best way to protect student well-being in remote or hybrid learning environments where Microsoft Teams Chat becomes necessary.

Software to monitor keywords and block their use through content filtering within Microsoft Teams logs is important as ways to manage student behavior online to keep students safe on the web.

Cloud Classroom Management WatchGuard Software

This student safety software is a vital real-time monitoring software for schools. student computer monitoring software gives educators the ability to observe student internet activity to ensue student safety. Through live thumbnails with Google Classroom sync educators can monitor web searches on networked devices and allows you to block websites on Chromebook when necessary.

As well as making classroom management easy through device broadcasting, lock screens and quick question software, this makes identifying and controlling issues very simple. The importance of this WatchGuard Software is making students aware of how their safety is of paramount importance in the classroom and when learning remotely.

Explaining the Importance to Students

For students, seeing messages on their device saying ‘Your Screen Has Been Locked By Your Teacher’, or suddenly finding a blocked website on their Chromebook can be distressing. Student well-being can be affected by the limits of Safeguarding Software in schools if they are unaware of the dangers of the internet.

This makes it important to explain conscientiously and comprehensively why these school web filtering and student computer monitoring software packages are important to your job as educators.

Here’s some key tips to approaching internet safety with your students:

• Educators must first have a strong idea of what their school software does.
• Internet safety must be introduced at a young ages by a parent or educator to highlights its importance while on the internet.
• Approach sensitive issues with honesty and openness. Harmful content can be of a controversial nature, but it is important that students know how dangerous it can be.
• Keep internet safety on students’ minds with regular reminders of how the safeguarding software works and exactly how it protects them.
• Ensure students are aware of the permanence of online posting. Social media has become so normalised that children may not understand the impact their online presence can have on their lives.
• Make a safe space for discussion. Cloud Management Software takes care of a lot of the technical issues of protecting students online, but it is also important to create a human, personal space for discussion of students’ own worries about their own online safety.

Master Your School’s Internet Safety for Students Today with Senso Cloud

A combination of effective software and human empathy is important when adapting your school to the challenges and dangers the internet can bring. Senso Cloud appreciates the concerns schools have around student safety and aim to provide unique tailored packages for your school management software needs.

Book a demo to see for yourself how Senso.cloud can revolutionize your student safety management.

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