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Integrating Senso into your lesson planning

Did you know that Senso is fully integrable into your lesson plans?

No matter the structure and outcome of your lessons, our cloud-based solutions have been designed with providing the highest level of support possible in mind. We pride ourselves on empowering our clients and giving them back control – just look at our reviews to see what our clients have to say. If you’re wondering how you can incorporate Senso into your lesson planning, read on to find out more.

Google Classroom Sync

If you’re looking for a more efficient way of streamlining your class’s learning experience, Senso’s pairing with Google Classroom is perfect. Making it simple and easy to monitor Chromebooks in the classroom, you can select the Class and go live with thumbnails of the screens. Perfect for keeping an eye on what your students are accessing, you can plan ahead with the reassurance that you can sync up your devices and monitor each student effectively.

Online Safety

If your lesson will involve students having access to the internet, it’s natural to worry about them accessing harmful or explicit content online. After all, school-age children are highly impressionable, and viewing graphic or violent images can leave lasting negative impacts.

However, Senso have over 99.9% coverage of active web traffic, as well as a continuously updated database of restricted content, that blocks a site as soon as it detects harmful content. You can start lesson planning in peace, knowing that your students will not be able to access anything harmful thanks to Senso’s emphasis on safety.

Controlling Access

There is a lot of work that goes into lesson planning, including the webpages your students will be using if the lesson is conducted online. Part of this planning will inevitably involve setting out websites your students will be asked to visit in order to support the lesson – but as any teacher knows, students often have a mind of their own and get easily distracted from tasks!

Luckily, Senso’s classroom management software allows for teachers to grant and deny access as deemed necessary to class groups. So, if any students do end up distracted and off-task, it’s quick and easy to use Senso to get your class back on track.

Live Chat

Preparation is extremely important, but you can’t always account for every single detail, as most teachers know all too well. At some point, students are likely to have questions about the lesson or content.

Senso have an in-built Live Chat tool, which can be utilized by students during lessons in order to ask questions without disrupting the lesson. When you’re creating your lesson plans, you know that Senso’s Live Chat will be available to every student, and will help you communicate easily and discretely with every pupil.

Running Websites/Applications

Saving time is essential in schools, where lessons are usually allocated around an hour per subject. With Senso’s Run Website feature, you can select your website or application of choice, and then route your selected monitors to the same page.

Whether you want to select individual computers or reroute your class as a whole, you have full control over running websites and applications. For added convenience, you can even save your favorites for a one-click and push-out! Keeping everyone on the same page has never been so easy.

Getting Started on Your Senso Journey

If it sounds like we can help you with your lesson planning, why not contact us today to make it a reality? We offer free demos to all our potential customers, which can explain in detail our unique features and how we can help provide the highest level of service for your network. Call us on 866-664-1520 to speak to one of our experienced and friendly team members.