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Installing software remotely using Senso.cloud

Here at Senso Cloud, we want to empower our clients and equip them with all the tools and freedom to be able to run their school’s software the way they want. That’s why we endeavor to make our software as efficient and autonomous as possible, so you can manage your school in-house with our remote monitoring and management tools. Whilst our software packages are jam-packed with handy features, today’s blog focuses on remote software installation, and just how easy it can be for you with Senso.

Install from anywhere

One of the biggest restrictions when it comes to installing software is location. More often than not, many software providers require their client’s device to be connected to the school’s network before they can install software. However, in a post-pandemic society where work can be done from home, this isn’t an ideal restriction, and is part of the reason why Senso’s software can be installed remotely. Whether you are at home or at school, you’ll be able to install software onto any device, regardless of either device’s network connection.

Choose your scale

Whether you’re a small elementary school, or a large high school, you can easily customize the scale you install software on. Rather than tediously installing software on devices one by one, you can use Senso to install software to batches of devices at once. You can also select your scale – Senso can deliver even at school district scale. Perfect for larger operations, you don’t have to worry about your software not being able to perform on bigger scales – Senso have you covered.

Running files as admin

At Senso, we know the importance of efficiency. By streamlining our software and permissions, it makes it much easier for our clients to run their operations in-house and manage their access settings. With Senso, you can execute files as administrators without the device user having to log off. Also known as a remote desktop client, admin can simply remotely access a device while the user is logged in, and have the permissions to install software.

Keystroke scripting and mimic script

Rather than assigning permissions individually per user, you can use Senso software to create groups with a pre-defined set of permissions, making the process of determining a user’s access as simple as adding them to a group. Perfect for sharing responsibilities and being able to assign different tasks to various administrators simultaneously, you can operate a much more efficient staff operation this way.

Wake-on-LAN capabilities

Wake-on-LAN is a technology that wakes up a computer from low power or sleep mode. With the ability to wake up a device remotely within the same network, your admin can save time and effort by controlling devices regardless of their location with a network connection.

Group logins

Rather than only allowing one administrator access and permissions, you can use Senso software to allow group logins as administrators. Perfect for sharing responsibilities, remote monitoring and installation, and being able to assign different tasks to various administrators simultaneously, you can operate a much more efficient staff operation this way.

We hope this article has proved helpful in highlighting some of the benefits from using Senso software. If you have any further questions for us, we’d be happy to help; simply fill out the contact form or give us a call on 866-664-1520.