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How K-12 Asset Management Systems Save Time and Money

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to running your estate’s IT system.

Identifying, prioritizing, and solving issues with tech across your institution can be difficult without the right asset utilization client. That’s why Senso’s Asset Cloud access module provides easy organization of reports and remote device management. Optimise your school software to quickly and easily monitor and access technology across your network from anywhere.

At a Glance Reporting:

With Asset utilization all in one place on your user dashboard, you can stay up to date with your hardware. The Asser cloud reporting dashboard includes many different features that allow for surface-level monitoring of the health and usage of your IT fleet and more in-depth analyses of a variety of metrics for each device.

The reporting features data including:
• CPU, memory, and disk usage
• Recent user activity history
• Machine utilization
• Safeguarding coverage
• Devices flagged as needing attention
• A range of user experience metrics

When you choose Asset Cloud, the software is fully customizable, you choose which assets to add to your dashboard and how data is relayed to your IT staff. Modelling and displaying information in a way that suits your school helps create a more efficient, optimized IT management plan.

Real-Time Alerts and Prioritisation Tools

As issues arise with your IT hardware, your business or K-12 asset management system alerts your IT team of which machines are experiencing issues. Prioritising and managing alerts using these tech issue automoderation alerts and manual alerts from individuals in your network through the same Senso systems allows your team to address the most urgent issues first, reducing downtime where devices experience failure or lack key upgrades.

Real-time updates on the status of each machine, its CPU usage, disk space allocation, and other metrics give you a clear picture of the overall health of your IT system. This helps optimize the scheduling of updates, backups, and renewals to prevent degradation of your IT fleet over time as each machine’s problems are addressed in turn.

A Proactive Approach to Troubleshooting

As a cloud solution, Senso’s asset cloud solution is able to do more than simply report issues in real-time. The remote access module allows your IT staff to access and manage devices from anywhere, fix any software issues, launch applications, open task managers, force device restarts, and solve problems to get classroom laptops and student Chromebooks back up and running as soon as possible.

Estate-wide updates and backups can be conducted all from one dashboard to keep your fleet up to date across your institution. Scheduling these processes for off-periods where devices are not being used prevents updating machines from taking time out of lessons and work to wait for them to finish.

These coordinated updates can be executed across your institution with the most efficiency as part of a Senso Enterprise Cloud Bundle. The MiMiC Script custom coding language allows for a whole range of actions, and keyboard commands and even install applications remotely on multiple devices from anywhere. Schedule power on and off remotely on individual or many devices easily to reduce battery waste, prevent excess CPU usage, and limit the time students have to wait for devices to turn on.

Optimize IT Management with an Asset Cloud Solution

Here at Senso, we know how time-saving tools like our Asset Cloud solution can reduce the operating costs and wastage in schools and businesses. To try out how our software solutions can help optimize how you run your school IT systems why not book your Free Demo today?