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Guide to Senso's Lab Management Software

Are you a computer lab technician working in the education sector looking to improve efficiency in your labs? Senso's comprehensive lab management software is designed to streamline processes of organization, onboarding, and information sharing to improve safety and collaboration for labs just like yours.

Computer labs require a management system intuitive to how technicians, teachers, and para-educators work with technology. Due to the wide ranging use-purposes of a school computer lab, ranging from large group IT lessons to independent work by tech-experts, management systems need to take into account the wide range of activity, organisational issues, and safety risks that can arise.

Using a cohesive suite of modules ranging from file sharing to live monitoring, Senso’s software helps every computer user make the most of the hardware in the lab. This optimisation-based approach helps technicians avoid time-consuming busy-work, and provides new innovations in delivering and sharing information to tech teams, classes, and even whole school networks.

Lab Management Optimised Software Modules

Our top lab management modules include:

Send File: share documentation to single or multiple devices remotely

Live Thumbnail Monitoring: access real-time activity of multiple devices

Remote Control: access and manage devices from anywhere

Client Live Chat: send anyone non-disruptive guidance and reminders to individuals, or instructions and messages to groups of students

Substitute Teacher Organization: schedule staff and share relevant documents easily

Clever Sync: organize online classrooms from a range of different applications to manage multiple groups in one place

Streamlining Lab Management Systems

With Senso’s fully integrated management software, institutions can configure sharing systems and settings to organize lab management efficiently and easily. Our lab management software uses collaborative technology tools to enable information sharing, improve communication strategies for students, teachers, and administrative staff, and implement safeguarding systems.

Intuitive technology benefits the organization of lab systems by enabling individuals to understand and more effectively integrate technology into the computer lab environment. With a simplified UI that includes a live thumbnail view to manage computers in real time, instructors can manage and collaborate with individuals and groups while limiting distractions during limited lab time.

The Senso Learn Learning Management System (LMS) is an effective tool for training new staff on key safety, procedure and compliance modules in Senso’s micro-learning courses. In addition to this, individual institutions can add their own content to detail behavioral standards and unique safety procedures for each lab setting. Our LMS resource hosting system allows institutions to upload their own learning documents, guidelines, and courses with specialized information for individual labs to train specified lab technicians and educators.

Access to lab time can often be limited in larger institutions due to scheduling issues, and common challenges of technology like slow start-ups or updates can further limit this time. Therefore, it is important to efficiently organize computer labs with the scheduling and management capabilities of a remote centralized system like Senso's software to limit time wasted in lab sessions.

Scheduling updates for when computers are not in use and automatically setting up times to power devices on and off helps to conserve both energy and time. Remotely logging into multiple computers in the lab before a session streamlines the setup process to allow for work to get started quickly during assigned times for computer use.

Effective Resource Sharing and Asset Utilization

Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) with full resource sharing and collaboration software improve efficiency by providing organized and comprehensive access to shared files and documentation. This efficiency translates to an improved lab and classroom ecosystem as relevant information is easily accessible to those who require it, reducing wasted time and allowing new staff and substitute staff to adapt to the lab setting quickly.

Senso’s classroom and lab management software is integrated with a range of top-quality, on-cloud management services such as Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and ClassLink. Setting up groups and sharing documents remotely is a simple process through the Senso management dashboard. By selecting existing groups from an integrated service or creating specified lab groups of any size, information can be shared easily and quickly with those who need it.

Scheduling personnel through this group setup reduces organization conflicts and keeps individuals and groups up to date on the content of each lab session. The ‘Substitute Teacher’ module is a beneficial part of Senso’s comprehensive software that allows for easy sharing and scheduling with all staff members, including temporary staff.

Keeping up to date with progress and access permissions from a centralized lab management dashboard prevents confusion among staff. With this substitute teacher software, team members can keep track of targets and goals for a range of projects when they return from time, accessing full reports on the relevant information and documentation from each missed session.

Enhance Collaboration in Lab Learning

Senso's lab management software offers unparalleled efficiency and organization. By seamlessly integrating modules like live monitoring and remote control, it streamlines lab operations and enhances collaboration.

To try Senso out for yourself, you can Book Your Free Demo or give our team a call at: 866-664-1520.