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Get back to teaching and let Senso monitor students online

There’s so much to think about, organize and coordinate when it comes to teaching and classroom management. Lesson plans, marking, keeping pupils engaged, maintaining good behavior, and so on and so forth – it can be overwhelming to keep all of this under control at once. And, it goes without saying that one of the most important things teachers have to think about is their student’s online safety.
With so much to juggle at any one point, it makes sense for there to be some kind of online monitoring software installed in school devices. Safeguarding is a legal requirement in order to protect children against harmful content, and it can be a large and overwhelming project to manage. Senso.cloud has a wide range of software that provide comprehensive support and safety when it comes to managing your classroom’s online activity.

Who are Senso.cloud?

If you’ve come across this article and aren’t familiar with us, we are Senso.cloud. Launched in February 2018, we are a visionary-led software company, who refuse to settle for ‘OK’ and always strive for the revolutionary. We offer a wide range of software packages tailored to fit the needs of different establishments and scale operations that have a focus on safeguarding students and online monitoring protecting them against harmful content.

What products do you offer?

We have a portfolio of eight different safeguarding software solutions that are customized to suit the needs of individual clients dependent on their operational scale and personal requirements. We have detailed descriptions of the cost, features and benefits of each solution on our ‘products’ page of our website. However, if you’re unsure which solution is best equipped to meet your needs, you can book a demo here.

Hosted by one of our experienced professionals, our demos walk you through the software package you’ve enquired about, highlighting its unique features and how you can apply this to your educational establishment based on your needs and requirements.

How does senso.cloud online monitoring work?

Our classroom tools are designed to put control back in the teacher’s hands. Our software solutions enable online monitoring of students' activity and history simultaneously at the push of a button, allowing you to grant or restrict internet access, direct everyone to the same website, gain student feedback, amongst a whole host of additional benefits.
The goal is to leave the safeguarding to Senso.cloud, allowing the teacher to focus their whole efforts into their classroom time. Senso.cloud proactively monitors internet activity, with the choice between a single and multi-site setup in order to efficiently cater to you no matter your operation’s size.

What are some of your top features?

All our features have been developed by a specialist team of industry experts, so our products are primed and polished to their full potential. Everything we offer contributes towards keeping up our high standards of online safety. Some of our popular features include:

  • Keyword libraries, that are continuously reviewed to ensure the very best level of protection amongst the rapidly moving pace of internet trends
  • Safeguarding dashboards that provide a comprehensive overview of the trends, statistics and data pulled from the activity of users
  • Email alerts, that are automatically triggered to send when a violent or critical violation is recorded
  • Logging reports which presents all relevant information (violations, browsing history, chat transcripts and so on) and provides a report into user’s behaviors for clients to review
  • Visual threat analysis that uses artificial intelligence to analyse content flagged as a violation to determine a risk factor
  • Report a concern, where users can anonymously submit any concerns they may have, (with the option to include screenshots) to be reviewed by senso.cloud staff

How much do your safeguarding software packages cost?

Senso.cloud leads the way when it comes to industry-leading technology at competitive pricing. Our prices start from as little as $3.00 per device annually. Why not visit our pricing page here?