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What is World Teachers’ Day?

Since 1994, UNESCO World Teacher's Day has taken place all over the world every year on October 5th to commemorate the teaching profession. Today we say thank you to our teachers as the world appreciates the work they do every day, especially during the pandemic.

It is without a doubt that the past year and a half has changed the way our children learn. Educators around the globe have had to adapt their teaching methods for both remote and face-to-face working. Whilst today is a day of recognising the inspirational teachers in our lives, we must also raise awareness of the burden the pandemic has thrown at them. We believe that teachers need access to resources that will drive the current adaptable education system to strengthen the learning environment for generations to come.

World Teachers’ Day 2021

Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery

The theme for World Teachers' Day 2021 is:
Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery

We are encouraged to understand the support teachers need to contribute towards the recuperation of the education system. In 2021, UNESCO aims to use this day to establish the steps that must be taken to ensure educators’ development can reach its full potential.

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