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Our Summer update is here!

Senso’s summer update 2022 brings new and improved features to ensure our users experience is even better!

Here at Senso we are continuously working on our software to ensure it remains the best it can be for our customers. Being the only platform on the market that offers an all-in-one software for Network, Classroom, Safeguarding and Asset management, we pride ourselves on taking customer feedback and putting it back into our software, so you always have the best version possible. This summer update has been no
different with an abundance of bug fixes and improvements as always. Here’s a little insight into some of the exciting feature updates you can expect to see.

Classlink integration with Senso

Classlink integration

ClassLink integration is now readily available! Senso integrates perfectly with ClassLink’s Roster Server solution bringing data across from ClassLink into Senso without the need for any manual imports. This data includes classes, teachers and students. Teachers can be imported as users automatically during the sync without the need for manual creation, saving so much time. Teachers will automatically be assigned a role, which is configured during setup. The manual import of teachers into Senso is also available allowing for more control. Classes imported will be assigned to the relevant teacher and will be available in their portal to start monitoring and managing their students.

What’s new?! ClassLink single sign-on is now available on the portal login page and a quick launch app within. The ClassLink Launchpad App enables users and teachers with accounts within Senso to now be able to login via ClassLink to prevent the need to login to multiple systems and remember multiple credentials.

Substitute teacher

Switch User Integration gives users the ability to change which user’s integration groups appear in the groups section. This is especially useful if a main class teacher is absent, and a substitute teacher needs access to the integration groups so they can temporarily teach the class. Integration Access now gives a user the ability to give another user access to an integration group, much like any other normal group. This eliminates substitute teacher’s being unable to access class information, enabling much smoother handovers during periods of absence.

Substitute teacher class program

Assign roles class program

Preferences can be
assigned to Role

Within the Roles section, Role Preferences can now be set. When this is enabled, admin can overwrite a user’s preferences, but the user’s settings will still remain, they will just be disabled so no need to panic. If a user has more than one role and multiple roles have Role Preferences enabled, then the Role Preference with the highest set priority will take precedence.

Senso’s summer update has an abundance of bug fixes and improvements which you can access via our customer release notes. If you require more information on our summer update, or any other queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We always love to hear from you!

Contact us at success@senso.cloud for more information for Senso. We’d love to hear from you!