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Enterprise Chrome

chromebook management & online safety


“As an enthusiastic user of Senso.cloud at Vita et Pax in Schoten, I can't help but praise this platform. Senso.cloud has brought a lot of influence to the way we approach education, especially when it comes to managing Chromebooks for our students.
One of the most notable aspects of Senso.cloud is its excellent technical support. We are constantly guided and supported by the Senso.cloud team, which gives us a reassuring feeling when using this platform. Whether it's solving technical problems or learning new features, Senso.cloud's technical support is second to none.”
Device Monitoring Solutions for Exams

Tools for Exam Periods

“During exam periods, we benefited enormously from the possibilities offered by Senso.cloud.
With just a few clicks, we can ensure that students have access to digital resources such as the digital atlas or a digital Latin dictionary. This has not only improved the efficiency of our examination procedures but also increased the accessibility of essential learning resources for our students.”

Minimize Distractions

“Another advantage of Senso.cloud is the ability for our teachers to monitor the progress of all students while working independently.
Thanks to the user-friendly interface, our teachers can quickly check that all students are engaged in their tasks. In addition, Senso.cloud offers useful tools such as the ability to block internet access or quickly forward links to all devices, making teaching even more efficient.”

Block Websites on School-Owned Devices

An Indispensable Tool

“In short, Senso.cloud has proven to be an indispensable tool for our school.
With just a few clicks, with its excellent technical support, useful features, and ease of use, Senso.cloud has helped us take education to the next level. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with this platform and look forward to the further benefits it will bring us in the future.”

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