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The Romero Catholic Academy MAC was established in 2015, implementing 7 existing primary schools and 1 secondary school, with over 3500 students.
Part of the Digital Strategy was to centralise and transform the trusts’ IT Infrastructure by embracing cloud technology. Romero Academy Trust decided to incorporate Windows Laptops for the secondary school, and Chromebooks in the primaries, utilising GSuite & Microsoft 365 respectively, engaging in the best use of new technologies throughout the organisation.

Prior to Senso

Prior to this centralisation, the individual primary schools had invested in an on-premise solution for online safeguarding and classroom management.
This classroom IT control client wasn’t utilised due to a reported clunky interface and complex controls for teachers and IT staff within the school, alongside a lack of accessible training. The teachers therefore quickly disengaged with the classroom management element of the original solution, reducing it’s value significantly.

The schools safeguarding staff however did use the software, but only to mark sensitive screenshots as false positive or investigative matters, often finding that the number of false positives was detrimental to proactive safeguarding due to the time-consuming number of false-positive logs which were coming through, and lack of intelligent refinement and customisation options. An example being the DSL’s were desperate to add to the detection libraries to provide more relevant and accurate monitoring, but this wasn’t possible.

Previous Challenges

Another key issue was the slow response to support tickets from the incumbent supplier.
The channels for requesting support were exclusive to emailing and phoning, with poor response times, sometimes over a week after the ticket was submitted despite its urgency.

The software and support were jeopardising the preventative methods that could be used for safeguarding our children.

Senso Integration Romero Success Story

Implementing Senso

A powerful cloud-based classroom management solution.
With the implementation and transition to the cloud now becoming an embedded strategy in mid-2019, the Trust felt strongly about finding a better online safeguarding and classroom management solution, at which point they discovered Senso.

A free trial proved Senso was the only truly cloud-based solution available, clearly designed for multi-site management without taking away and of the key customisations for school-based staff, alongside a proactive and intelligent monitoring and safeguarding solution.

Online Training & Support

Senso was up and running within an hour in one school with the technician having a basic understanding of the functions.
Within a week, safeguarding staff were getting email notifications and were regularly logging into Senso admin centre.

The decision was made to invest in Senso across the trust. Online training and supporting videos and documents meant the DSL’s were confidently utilising Senso after only a few weeks.

Senso Online Training and Support

Technical Support

Andy Martin from the technical support team at Senso, who has dealt with our schools in Romero, has responded immediately to emails and always been available for a Teams call to calm any concerns.
Plans are already being discussed to get Teachers full access to the platform to control student devices, safeguarding staff have great feedback about the potential use of the platform and we are now in talks with Senso at a more strategic level around how we can better use Senso to protect our students and staff online with enhanced reporting and new features.

Future Developments

We enjoy feeling like a partner with Senso.
We enjoy sharing in success, new developments and areas for improvement, and look forward to seeing how the solution evolves over the coming months and years.

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