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Specialists in providing IT support and services to schools.
Walking into Concero you instantly get the feeling they put their customers and partnerships at the very centre of their Business. Concero are a well-established, fast growing company that specialises in providing IT support and services to schools.


Concero was founded by directors Brad and James in 2008. The guys originally met at Smestow School, where they worked as ICT technicians and formed a friendship that lasts to this day.


working with senso

Managing, monitoring and safeguarding their schools.
Together Concero and Senso are aiming to deliver an outstanding experience for all their customers, our ethos is the same, to innovate and over deliver in every area of our service. Putting the customer at the centre, Concero are able to manage, monitor and safeguard their schools with Senso.cloud from a centralized web portal.


“We love cloud technologies like Senso, and what they mean for the future of education and ICT” - Bradley Clegg

support and partnership

Senso, the go to product for everyone.
Brad and James’s continual drive to deliver an efficient and caring service to their customers is helping shape Senso to be the go to product for everyone that wants to do more than just the status quo. With Concero’s support and partnership we will continue to help management and IT teams get things done.


Senso will continue to support the team at Concero to cover all eventualities that their Schools can face, with an unrelenting mission to develop our software to support a team that wants to do so much more than just what is expected of them.


They are a great team, with a great vibe and we are proud to be part of their mission...