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Clayton Hall Academy was established in 1947 as a Grammar school for girls, before that it had a long interesting history, from the Lovatt family establishing and building the grounds in 1841 that Clayton Hall Academy is named, to its uses during world war 2 as a training base for Fleet Air-Arm Apprentices when extra outbuildings were built.
The hall was painted camouflage during this time and a fake boat was built on site to train thousands of young men and women. Now we are training them for their next step into the world. Clayton Hall Academy aim is to provide a Gold standard education for all students, delivering an aspirational curriculum leading to academic success, taking a tailored approach to support individual’s needs, to make the academies a part of the community they serve, to provide outstanding teaching and pastoral support through well qualified and motivated staff.
Monitor Students at Home with Senso

Monitor Students at Home

“During the pandemic a plethora of issues arose, including unable to monitor students use of school devices and students not having devices to use at home. This is a major issue as part of our aims is pastoral support, what we could no longer provide as we didn’t know what the students were using their devices for.
At school we have an alternative support tool which collects any inappropriate terms such as, ‘kill urself’, what is then forwarded to the relevant staff member who was able to contact the student’s parents or carers and discuss problems the student was having and why they would’ve typed something like that in. 

The Department of Education, aided us with students devices, by providing a variety of laptops, yet we were still unable to monitor students at home with the standard Windows 10 image, so this presented an issue of either installing VPN routes back into school or finding an ally to help us overcome the problem. ”


Monitoring Solution

“As a Primary Goal apprentice, I was given the hero of the day Senso. This partnership enabled us to develop and deploy devices we could manage with Senso allowing us to Intune the DFE laptops with Senso on, this provided us a monitoring system, that shows us when they last logged on, screen shots of violating keywords and able to access their device and observe in real time what they were doing.
This was a major help and as the Department of Education laptops were only given to disadvantage children, thus the one’s who are in most need, this allowed us to sustain pastoral support through violating keywords and created an excel spreadsheet for usage, as we use both of these as a metric for their well being and who will need further support.”

Support for Students

“Senso has allowed us to continue to support students regardless of their location.
Additionally, Senso has already helped us and the students a great deal, as our safeguarding officers have been able to provide psychological help due to the violation logs will email us if there is an urgent violation, allowing us to act swiftly and aide the students who are typing ‘suicide’ in Google search.

I can’t not mention names of any of the students for GDPR reasons, but due to Senso numerous students have been helped in these troubling times.”

Monitoring Students with Violation Logs

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