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Leighton Park School is a co-educational Independent School for both day and boarding pupils in Reading in South-East England.
The school's ethos is closely tied to the Quakers' values, having been founded as a Quaker School in 1890. Rated ISI double-excellent in 2021, the school continues to deliver achievement with values, character, and community.

Remote Support

What issues did Leighton Park School face before using Senso’s platform?
“It is no small statement to say that the covid-19 pandemic changed the face of education like nothing before. We had to adapt our teaching and learning styles overnight, catering for a diverse international community and a wide array of devices. We had no means to check on productivity within classes, and few options open for remote support when technical issues arose. ”

Google Classroom Integration

How has Senso solved the previously stated issues?
“Senso rapidly became the cornerstone of our technological approach to teaching and learning. The integrations with Google Classroom made it the perfect ally for keeping an eye on student productivity, allowing us to see when students strayed off task. For the administration and support side of the school, Senso was the lifeline that allowed our IT department to screenshare and resolve technical issues.”
Senso and Google Classroom Integration

A Powerful Tool

How has the implementation of Senso benefited your school?
“While the pandemic has passed, and we welcome students and staff members back to school, Senso has remained a powerful tool in our software toolbox.
We now use this fantastic application to monitor productivity, share screens and ideas, manage our power consumption by shutting down PCs overnight, and also proving to be an invaluable asset for safeguarding monitoring – the results of this service in particular having made a real difference to the detection of pastoral and safeguarding issues, allowing for effective interventions very early on.”

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