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A Day in the Life of a Senso Developer

Ever wondered what it is like to be a Senso software developer? We have managed to get exclusive insight into the hard work they do to grow the winning solution that is Senso...

All jobs raise the question, "what exactly is it you do day-to-day?" As a software developer, this question is extremely common and the answer is often not understood. Especially by our parents who have asked you to 'fix' something technical for the hundredth time that day. We are here to show you the real life of a Senso developer!

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Every Day is Different

One of the great things about our job is that every day is different. As a team we have designed this guide for you to gain insight into a somewhat 'typical' day as a software developer at Senso.

First things first, if you want the full experience of the day-to-day life of a software developer make sure to pour yourself a strong cup of COFFEE! This will be the first of many...

Let’s Go! A Typical Morning...

A typical morning for us will structure around checking emails, responding to messages, refreshing our memory on any outstanding code to complete and reviewing the active sprint for any new, high priority bug fixes or feature requests that may take precedent- all of which will structure our day.

Throughout the day at Senso, our focus is primarily on coding, resolving issues and supporting different sectors of the company that may require our support. As an Agile company, we tend to have frequent meetings with each other to discuss what we have been working on and what we will be starting to work on. Having these meetings also allows us to bounce ideas around to make sure we are coming up with the best possible solutions for our customers!

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Lunch Time!

Now the busy morning is out the way we often go and get lunch together as a team (Subway being a favourite of the Senso Developers), refuel on more coffee and bring out our competitive side with a few games of pool and foosball.

Following lunch, our brains have reset and problems that we deemed impossible to solve before now seem a lot simpler. After a resolution is found to a bug or we've fulfilled the list of requirements for a new feature, we then go on to raise a "pull request" which outlines the changes that have been made to the code. This is then reviewed, and any suggested changes are raised by other Senso software developers, and we discuss as a team until the best resolution is applied.

Code Deployment

After these changes have been approved, our code will then be deployed to an environment where we are able to test it (again!) with a larger data set and more 'real life' scenarios alongside our QAs to find any potential bugs that need addressing or receive feedback for improvements.

So, to answer what a day-in-the-life of a Senso Developer looks like, we find resolutions to constantly improve the software we provide our customers. Our work involves taking small, cumulative issues and developing them into a successful solution, which you all know as Senso.cloud!

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