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Senso and iPad

Our Senso iPad app is easy to deploy to all of your devices with ease by simply using your Apple school manager.

The Senso app helps schools safeguard students. Web browsing has web filtering in place blocking all inappropriate web access so students are limited to what they can search for. Also, it provides violation alerts on keywords typed and web history, making it easy for admins to monitor inappropriate language, searches and anything threatening to other students. Because it logs everything, if there is ever a dispute, the data can be used as evidence should it be deemed necessary.

Senso iPad app benefits chat with students

What Senso iPad app gives?

The Senso iPad app also gives teachers the ability to view their class of students’ screens while they’re browsing the web through their Senso web portal which is accessible on any device with an internet connection. Teachers are also able to have a live chat with students to provide assistance and to keep them on task. This helps to minimise disruptive behavior within the classroom environment.

You’ll be pleased to know that we are continuing to develop our app in the background to ensure that we can offer more useful tools for our Senso users who love using Apple products. These developments will be released in the near future!

Do you want more information on our iPad app, or what Senso can do for you and your school or business? Get in touch, book a demo and see why so many schools and businesses have already purchased Senso software. We’d love to hear from you!