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One2One Programs

How one2one programs can benefit teachers, parents and technical teams and how Senso makes an impact.

Quite often when a school is offered the opportunity to be a part of a one2one program they tend to automatically think it’ll be more hassle than it’s worth and therefore aren’t open to looking into it further. This is no fault of the school, and often is a lack of understanding on how the one2one program works and the benefit it brings to the school, staff, and students.

For many schools, anything which suggests a logistical nightmare is a big no-no. The thought of students having free reign with their own devices can often cause both parents and staff a headache they simply don’t want to deal with. Leaving impending questions like “how do we monitor our students and their workload? How do I know my child is safe online? How am I supposed to support and fix that many devices with any technical issues?”

Control and Protect Devices

The typical roadblocks we face when it comes to one2one programs is a lack of understanding of how the one2one program works, how it benefits the school, staff, and students, worries from the parents where online safety is concerned and how the one2one program works logistically when it comes to devices, how they are handled and maintained.

Whatever the worry, Senso are here to take the headache away. Senso’s one2one program enables all stakeholders to have control and protection of their students’ devices, enabling a safe environment for the students to learn and collaborate.

Control and Protect Devices with Senso

Senso Supporting Teachers

Supporting Teachers

Senso gives teachers the tools to manage and control the classroom to keep students on task. Having control of all devices at the same time allows for greater learning and more control for you as a teacher. A simple click can put a student back on task and should the teacher need everybody’s attention at once, they can lock all screens in seconds. Classroom management at its finest.

By providing teachers the tools they need to actively control and manage their classroom, they enable their students to get the most out of the device and their lesson. Teachers feel confident that they can control multiple devices within their classroom, whilst students are able to get the most out of the device by taking away the obstacles in the classroom which effectively stop it from becoming a great educational tool.

Tools for Technical Teams

Senso enables technical teams to manage mobile devices dynamically wherever they are, whether they are at home with the student or within school.

By providing the technical tools to enable support to be delivered without disrupting lessons and mitigating long queues at the tech office, your technical team will be able to overcome any technical issues at scale, making it less stressful and more of a breeze!

Tools for Technical Teams

One2one Schemes Supporting Parents

Peace of Mind for Parents

Senso’s safeguarding software ensures a safe environment for your child to learn. This state-of-the-art safeguarding and monitoring engine enhances safeguarding efforts and abilities with comprehensive keyword libraries developed in partnership with expert organisations.

With secure read-only logs, a focused, proactive, and relevant Safeguarding Strategy and an intuitive management dashboard your child is monitored and kept safe whilst using their device. Also, with AI driven threat analysis our software highlights if the student accesses any content which may be harmful or inappropriate. So, you as a parent or carer can feel rest assured that they are being kept safe online.